State of the Baby II

Today was our bi-weekly status meeting, and nearly all the news was positive, which is always a relief. Benjamin still has a myriad of problems (chronic lung disease anyone?), but the progress he’s making is promising.

He’s still on the ventilator (see CLD above), but they have begun to lower some of his settings, and changed the vent settings so that it’s easier to wean him off of the vent. He’s on nearly full-feeds (about as full as they’re going to get while he’s on the IV fluids), getting 11ml of breast milk each feeding. His elevated liver numbers and kidney levels are coming down, though he’ll be getting some medication to help the liver levels come down a little faster.

He still needs a ductal ligation to close his PDA (patent ductus arteriosus)- the heart thing. But hopefully that will happen as soon as Tuesday in… New York City! Insurance, will not cover the cost of moving him to NY, but will cover the cost of admission to NYU (and any treatments he needs there). Luckily, thanks in part to our friends and family, we’re in a place where we can cover the transport.

Benjamin is 12.5 inches long (growing!) and 870 grams (1lb 15oz).

“I’m pretty sure the bear is right behind me – if I stay very still maybe he’ll leave me alone”


5 thoughts on “State of the Baby II

  1. Also – happy 27 week gestational age!

  2. I’m happy to hear that he’s doing well and growing, but I’m sad to hear that he’ll be leaving before I get to see him again. I look forward to all the updates from Lancaster, Bensylvania.

  3. Love you guys! Happy travels! I look forward to meeting Ben in NYC!!

  4. He’s an angel. I’m praying every step of the way. Hang in there, Ben. Love you.

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