Up up and away! (potentially)

It is looking very likely that Benjamin will be getting transferred on Tuesday of next week to our NYC hospital finalists.

In the left corner we have NYU – with its wonderful night nurses and convenient east-side location

In the right corner we have NY Presbyterian (aka Columbia, aka Morgan Stanley Children Hospital), #8 NICU in the country and workplace of a very persistent and angry Irish man.

Either way it looks like Amy will be accompanying Benjamin on a very short private flight to Teterboro and the across a bridge or through a tunnel to Benjamin’s new home.


He will miss the super-excellent nurses and doctors at WBH and the friends we made here – but his vagabond shoes are longing to stray….


5 thoughts on “Up up and away! (potentially)

  1. NY Pres/Morgan Stanley– that’s where my friend’s baby with leukemia has been. I can connect you guys if you want to talk with her about her experience both in the child cancer ward and the PICU…

  2. I’m sure he’ll be slammed with loving visitors upon arrival but let me know when there’s room! till then, kisses.

  3. Both are excellent hospitals. My brother-in-law moonlights as an emergency pediatrician at NYU, so I can vouch for at least one doctor there. 🙂 If you go with Columbia, I live about 8 blocks from there and can keep a couch handy for you/ give you spare keys to my apt for emergency crash-pad close to bebe.

  4. Once he gets transferred I will definately go and meet my lil baby cuz. Me and Sandy are so excited for you guys. Ben is always on our minds.

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