Start spreading the news…

…he’s leaving tomorrow.

The plans are finalized and Benjamin’s entourage will be picking him up at 11:15. Then it’s a short ambulance ride to the local airport, a very short flight on an air-ambulance jet, and then hopefully a quick ambulance ride over the GWB will bring Amy and Benjamin to Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Joe will be driving back like a commoner with a car filled with dirty laundry and frozen milk (Thanks Carol! (for the milk, not the laundry)).

We’re glad to be going home but we’ll miss all the people we’ve met here in Lancaster. The nurses, doctors and staff have been so amazing here and we will definitely miss everyone including Elsie, Beth, Diane(s), Karen(s), Kym, Lauren, Charity, Brenda, Dianna, Rita, Cindy, Sandy, Dr Lorah, Dr Nad, Dr Secrest, Dr Kaur, Dr Triano, Dr M, Dr Bayliss, Maria, Linda, Pam, Adam, Steve, Stacey, Joel, Christine, Jessy, Carol, Georgia, and so many others! We’ll keep the other NICU kids in our thoughts especially Mason and Caden, Robert, Lydia, Eli and Rick. And thanks so much to the local support we got from Carol and her family, Hope and her boys, Kristin, Kim, Andrew and Cristy, and Laurie and Nick. We’ll especially miss getting to see Courtney, Taylor and Tristen- we’ll definitely be back! Everyone helped make being so far away from home so much easier. We probably missed a lot of names – so please forgive us.

We never did get a shoo-fly pie but we did get our 10th and free coffee from the cafeteria and Amy is now mayor of the Women and Babies Hospital on foursquare – so we have that going for us.

Expect a ton of photos from the plane and transport and of the new digs.

New York Folks – can’t wait to see you all.

Cayman – clean up the apartment before we get home.


15 thoughts on “Start spreading the news…

  1. SO very happy for you!! Happy trails!!

  2. Wonderful news! And, what a great picture of Benjamin checkin’ out his mom. Priceless.

    • Thanks Scott – the perspective makes him look a little ginormous, but this is generally my view when there 🙂

  3. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! I love the pic with Amy & Benjamin too!

  4. Love the picture. They’re both so precious. You too Joe! I can’t wait for all of you to come home.

  5. what great news! good luck!!!!

  6. welcome to NYC, Ben! Very happy to have your mom and dad back in the Big Apple too.

  7. YAY! Happy for U! I love this pic too U can see so much love Amy is showing to her precious son…PRICELESS!! Ur so gonan be a great mom and Joe a great dad! Alright Ben ur heading to NY and soon enough you’ll be home!! Can’t wait to see LOTS of pics!!

  8. WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Benjamin…. Awesome news guys. Let us know if you need anything once your back in NY.

    -Chris,Cathy, & Nate

  9. Welcome to the capital of the world!!!!!!!!! Your family awaits you!!!!!!!!!! Hope I get to see you tomorrow if its ok with mommy and daddy

    • Joseph – you may want to give us a couple of days to get him settled as they make changes and decide on his surgery – but definitely come visit soon

  10. Amy, Joe and Bejamin – congrats on this big step!!! Vaughn and I are cheering for you from the windy city!

  11. Yee!!!! Welcome home everyone! Can’t wait to see the new digs little guy! Oh and of course those beautiful eye’s of yours. 🙂

  12. Hooray for Ben! This is a big day for everyone! I can’t wait to see you all!

  13. Morgan Stanley: literally AROUND THE CORNER from my apt. FB message me and I’ll give you my cell and let me know if you need anything at all!

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