Safe and sound

It’s been a long long day but Benjamin is settling into his new “home”. The move was rough at first though. He does not like being messed with and the change to the baby pod they used for the ambulance and plane and to the portable ventilator was tough for him. When they finally got him settled Amy and he started on their journey. Carol was able to see us off and say bye to Benjamin. We are so happy she will continue to be part of Benjamin’s life.

I’m sure Amy will post more about the trip but for me it was a long stressful car ride waiting to hear how they were. Luckily it all went pretty smoothly.

Benjamin seems to be doing ok so far at Morgan Stanley Children’s hospital (we’ll just call it CHONY). He still is very sleepy from being sedated for the trip and it being such a long day. (We are also very sleepy.) They are very aggressive here about getting babies off the ventilator here and are already weaning him off a little. He was re-intubated (by the guy who invented the bubble cpap ventilation method we hope he moves to soon) but through the nose which amazingly ended his leak (that and a bigger tube).

Everyone here seems nice – not “Lancaster nice” but nice for New York. We already miss everyone very much from WBH though.

It will be great to sleep in our own bed tonight and begin to figure out how our life works now. One step at a time.

More tomorrow

As Barbarino would say "Up your nose with a ventilator tube"


10 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. I will be bringing all the amishy foods for you when Carol & I visit to drop off milk =) Just you wait for your first piece of shoofly pie! So so so happy that everything was able to continue today. Can’t wait to see you all again very soon!

  2. So glad to hear the little guy is all settled in. Dr. Lorah got a heads up that Benjamin had made it to NY, so that was a nice way to start my shift tonight! I can’t wait to hear about all of the progress he will make. Don’t forget Joe, I still want you to inservice me on this whole bubble cpap process!
    P.S. I missed seeing my little buddy when I came into pod 8 today.

    • Aww Beth… we miss you guys. Seriously though I was so excited to find out _the_ Dr Wung intubated Benjamin himself! He invented Bubble CPAP! I will definitely let you know everything I learn. They have already made it clear they do not want him on the traditional vent, so maybe it will happen soon.

      Also, loved the whoopie pies. Thanks again!

  3. He already looks so much bigger!!! Congrats on the trip—I used to work doing NICU transports and know just how hairy they can be.

  4. I am so happy he is finally closer to you and Amy’s jobs. I hope your bed was like a cloud. So comfy. Way to go Ben. Keep growing and maturing. I am sure the nurses will fall in love with your family by the end of the week. Relationships grow over time. Hang in their Daddy and Mommy. Thinking of you.

  5. Welcome to NY Baby Ben! A big trip for a little man!

  6. Hey Ben:
    Just wondering if I could come visit you today got alittle something to give you. No its not a Gray’s Papaya

  7. So glad your home with your friends and family. Prayed that Ben would have a beautiful day for his first jet plane ride. He looks so peaceful, I’m sure all the staff will come to love him as much as all in Pa. did. His website is the first and last thing I check each day. Hope to come see him with Carol soon. We love you all and will continue to pray for your little miracle.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEW MOMMY! Bet this was the best birthday present you could ever get! Love you!

  9. Glad to hear that Benjamin is adjusting to his new temporary home. What is the Bubbble CPAP? Everyone will fall in love with him very shortly, what’s not to love. Glad you had a good nights sleep in your own bed. Happy Birthday to my wonderful niece and new Mommy. What a great gift. Can’t wait to come and see you’all.

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