A rough start for our little man

When we left Benjamin last night his blood pressure was reading a little low, but no one was very worried, thinking once they got some fluids in him he’d bounce back up. So we went back home, got some love from Cayman, and went to sleep in our own bed – until about 5 when the phone rang. Benjamin’s blood pressure had crashed overnight and his kidneys had also stopped working as a result. “He is significantly sicker” they told us. They put him on dopamine and epinephrine and were struggling to get the pressure stabilized. When we called back later that morning he still had not urinated but they had gotten his pressure to go in the right direction (if not to a good place yet).

Amy showed her stuff as a mom and spent her birthday watching  the doctors messing with him, taking blood, giving blood, with one eye on the blood pressure at all times. They had put an arterial line in his head to track the pressure better, which looks ugly but works. Over the day the pressure gradually went up. All this time his respiration was great and they even were able to wean him more off the ventilator settings (incredibly).

Then finally – he peed. Amy said the nurse did a dance. Everyone was very relieved.

Right now as I write this next to his isolette his blood pressure is normal, his last diaper was soaked, but he is still looking extra puffy from all the fluid, but that is going away. Also he had another head ultrasound and it looked clear – a wonderful thing.

I’ve said this before: Everyone told us that being a NICU parent is like a roller-coaster. But two things wrong with that description: we like roller-coasters and they are also very short. Amy and I have decided that the NICU is like running a super hilly marathon you didn’t sign up for and didn’t train for – also you are being chased by dogs.

These past two days just reminded us that even though we have grown accustomed to our baby in the box, Benjamin is still in critical condition. But we are so happy he seems to be bouncing back from the drama today – a pretty good birthday present for mom.


19 thoughts on “A rough start for our little man

  1. Love you guys. You three are amazing. xoxo

  2. Love you Ben and we all are still praying for you.

  3. So glad to hear that the little guy is rallying. All three of you are staying in our thoughts…constantly.

  4. Many prayers from WBH!

  5. If it weren’t for the bad days, we’d never appreciate the good ones! I’m so happy he’s doing better! Amy, you’re just amazing!

  6. I am contantly thinking of you all and sending my best prayers for the little man. He is a trooper and so are his awesome parents. I am hoping you will get to run on a flat course for a while now and that if there are dogs chasing you, they are only little teacup poodles. Slightly annoying but no real threat.

    I also love that folks at WBH are still following his progress. That really does say something special about the people there. To the lovely ladies and gents at WBH : Thank you for taking such good care of these three very dear people while they were with you. You have so much appreciation from my heart. As my husband would say, (who is from PA) Go Pennsyltuckey! They are some good people! Oh, and I want some shoe fly pie too. I was denied it yet again on the last trip.

  7. Oh my….my prayers are with you all. I am sooo glad he is doing better and that he peed!! I am dancing with that nurse! Hang in there and don’t let the “hills or dogs” get to you! I hope today is a good day for you all!
    By the way I did stop at the Lancaster airport the day you left, but I missed you ….I was just a wee bit too early I found out later!

  8. A whole new version of the pee pee dance with this guy…. thinking of you all the time, and can’t wait to meet him.

  9. Glad to hear that Ben is doing better and has settled into NY. I’m still thinking about you guys everyday! ❤

  10. Come on Ben, keep progressing. There is a big world out there waiting for you. My Sister and I love to use a line from the Disney movie, Finding Memo. ” Just keep swimming”. Miss you!!

  11. Ben, you are in my prayers every day! (Amy and Joe, too!) Welcome to NY little guy, you are going to love it here 🙂

  12. Amy, I know your birthday was this week but it just didn’t feel right to send birthday wishes right now. I O U a birthday wish! I wait and watch for Benjamin updates and think and pray for him (and you and Joe) constantly. All I can do is send you a big hug.

  13. I’m so sorry you guys had a rough day- if I could take one for you, I would! I’m happy to see Ben is getting back on track. Wesley sends his baby love and advice (always pee or your parents freak out) and hugs and kisses to you both.

    • Allison, you’ve had enough rough days… but thank you. xoxo The love and the advice for Benjamin are much appreciated. Now that I’m back in town we need to arrange a playdate… for the adults, though Wesley is invited. 🙂

  14. We are glad to hear Benjamin had a better day today. All the valleys are hard to take but when you get to the top and stay there what an amazing day that will be. Benjamin just keep peeing or I will come and visit and bring my camera and you don’t want that just ask your Mommy. I am the picture person in our family and tend to go overboard sometimes…..Get strong, gain weight, pee alot, relax, grow. The world is out there waiting for you and so is Cayman You are always in our prayers as well as your Mom and Dad. Love you all

  15. Hang in there, you two. Stay strong for each other and for Ben. Cling to every good day there is and there will be more of them as time progresses. Always thinking of you guys (It’s 1:20am here…and I’m checking your blog. See?!). Love to all!

  16. If you’re running a marathon, then I am (along with so many, many other folks) someone on the sidelines cheering you on – sending strength and confidence that you will make it through.
    Thinking of you three!

    • Thanks Erica- I like that image. I will definitely imagine that way for now on. Everyone’s support is a huge help – couldn’t imagine doing this without all our friends and supporters.

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