32 Days

Today was another quiet day…

They’re continuing to wean him off the blood pressure medicines. Hopefully by the end of the weekend he’ll be off
medications and back to his natural baselines. He’s being very active
and responsive (read: grumpy, but in the good kind of way that makes
doctors call him “fighter”).

Benjamin gets his first lesson on exposition in a novel.


5 thoughts on “32 Days

  1. Hi Amy, So glad to read the positive post. I hope to keep hearing Ben is getting better every day. You and Joe have a great weekend. Take care.

  2. What a beautiful photo. I wish I was closer so I could give you guys a big hug. I hate that you’re having to go through the NICU experience. The good part is that in a few years Benjamin will be big, strong and healthy and have no memory of this time. You guys will have some gray hairs to remind you but you will also have such an appreciation for what you guys can endure as a family and how precious your little man is. We love you guys.

  3. Looks like he’s in the exact same giraffe!! I hope you brought his wonderful name sign with you!!!! Call you soo. Out of commission with a stomach virus.

    • It’s a *slightly* different giraffe- it doesn’t have the heater from the top. It’s the incubator, not the omnibed. You can see the very edge of the name sign in the picture– it’s gotten many compliments from the nurses. 🙂

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