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I’m writing a real post about the planes and ambulances that Benjamin got to ride on, but in the mean time a quick update:

Benjamin had a good, calm day today. His blood pressure, sats and heartrate stayed nice and steady all day. He’s still not 100%- the lack of peeing means that now he’s peeing all the time to make up for it (though that is correcting itself) and he’s not eating (back on TPN for awhile) while everything gets settled down again. But he lost the “retaining water” bloat, perked up a ton, and has been rutching around like a wild man. I read him the first chapter from  A Cricket in Times Square (he loved it), changed one diaper 3 times in a row (told you he was peeing a lot) and had a couple of good one-sided conversations. It will be nice when he starts talking 😉

They didn’t get as far in weaning him from the blood pressure medicines as they would have liked because he’s being really sensitive to any changes, but he’s on lower settings than yesterday with a strong BP, so that’s something. After such a good, postive change overnight I’m feeling confident that he just needs more time to settle down and not be messed with too much. All of his big re-tests are done (echo, sonograms, blood tests), so hopefully a couple of quiet days will get him to his happy place.


4 thoughts on “Place holder

  1. All good news. Yeah!!!! It is so wonderful you are reading to Ben. Take care.

  2. hooray for good, calm days. thanks for the updates. we continue to think about you all daily and are following your blog.

  3. Can’t wait to visit! Let me know when you guys are up for one so I can meet Ben! And possibly doba lunch outside of the hospital cafeteria???

  4. Amy in this picture Ben looks just like you when you were a baby minus the vent. It is so amazing. All good news glad to hear it. Love you. Prayers all the time for Benjamin and prayers for you and Joe for strength.

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