Popping my head in….

for the quickest of updates.

Today Benjamin was fully weaned from all those pesky blood pressure medicines. He had a few fabulous visitors and enjoyed a new book (thank you Cristina and Seth).

On a separate but related note, Joe and I were yet again reminded what wonderful friends we had through the generosity and general awesomeness of Alia and Owen and Elisha, Jamie and Bernice. Thanks for the food guys!



7 thoughts on “Popping my head in….

  1. Yeah! Way to go Benjamin!!!

    Baby steps…The NICU journey is all about a ton of baby steps.

  2. Hang in there fellow. Love ya.

  3. Checking in……great going, little man! Too bad I am not there to evesdrop on you stories to Ben:)!! Hang in there you all.

  4. So glad to hear Ben continues to be a fighter. All my best to you both.

  5. Hang in there Ben your a fighter even from the begining you have been a fighter your such a sweet little boy with a big road to walk but on your first birthday we will all be celebrating from PA to New York and every where else. We’ll keep praying and you keep improving little man we all love you three Amy, Joe and Ben

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