Grateful for so much

The last five weeks have been rough ones (happy week five little man!), I will not lie. And though I have said it before it is worth repeating – as much as we’ve cried from the scariness, exhaustion, and helplessness of this whole thing, we’ve shed more tears from people showing us amazing amounts of kindness and generosity. Erica recently commented on a post that even if we imagine this experience as a forced marathon we have all of these wonderful people on the side cheering and supporting us. And it’s true. I have no idea what Amy and I would do without our friends and family and their support.

I always tell friends thinking of getting married that life has terrible stuff waiting for all us – the hardest worst stuff you can think of. You don’t get married because life is easy – anyone can handle easy. You get married because you need someone by your side who can help you through all that life has waiting for you. And Amy and I have been through a lot together, as many of you know, but one thing this experience has shown me is that you need even more than just each other sometimes. And we have been so fortunate to have these amazing people around us.

So thank you all so much. Thank you for the visits, the food, the dog walks, the rides, the laughs, hugs, shoulders, stories, ears, notes, calls, gifts, and generosity (and occasional uterus of course). You make us want to be better friends and people.


5 thoughts on “Grateful for so much

  1. That’s nice Joe. Completely unrelatedly, it’s now raining inside my eyelids? Weird.

  2. Oh Joe, how wonderful it is to have those special friends in your life. We all need them at one time or another in our lives. Friends may come and go as our needs change. There are some who stick with you through many or all storms of life. You both are truly special people. Keep hanging in there and may many more blessings come. What was the title of the new book? Thinking of you both. Wish you were not so far away, so I could come and visit the three of you. Thanks for the updates and the pictures. Take care. So glad to hear all the great news about Ben.

  3. Wow, it’s raining inside my eyelids too!

    Simply put……WELL SAID!

    Melinda & I cannot even imagine the day to day, ups & downs of what you and Amy are going through. I’m so glad that you both have each other & your wonderful family & friends to lean on. Thank you for creating the website to share your experiences. We eagerly await news of Benjamin’s progress and continue to send you prayers & positive thoughts.

  4. Thank you for making me cry. Beautifully said.

  5. So glad I got to meet the baby and visit with his mommy and daddy! Watching him grow will be so exciting for all of us!

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