Bullet Points

What you may have missed in the last two days:
  • is still cute
  • is fuzzy
  • sleeps on his belly (see photo below) (only OK in the NICU, don’t do at home)
  • began eating milk again
  • lost some weight (down to 2lbs, but hopefully will gain again soon due to prior bullet)
  • went down on his vent settings… 18 breaths per minute!
  • might get off the vent and on a CPAP soon
  • might not get the PDA fixed for awhile (still determining)


  • is taking a photography class (and might be crazy)
  • is going to start work again on Monday (eek!)
  • eats cake once a day due to the free cake in the parent lounge.
  • hopefully won’t gain a million pounds from free cake.


  • is also cute and fuzzy


  • shipped 29 lbs of milk, due to arrive in NY tomorrow.
  • is awesome.

Exhibit A: On belly, with Joe's finger

Exhibit B: For any interested medical staff friends



8 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. I love bullet points…esp when they have lots of good information like this. Miss you guys tons and will def come see you when I’m back in NYC. Love the pic of Ben on his belly holding onto Joe’s finger.

  2. Those are wonderful settings…hoping the second page says Leak 0% 🙂 I think about you all regularly and I’m glad to read the good news! Nad worked with me yesterday and asked if I had heard anything new from Columbia, so I will be sure to pass this post on to him. Keep up the good work Benjamin 🙂 Hugs from WBH.

    • Beth – The leak is totally at 0% it’s amazing – the only beeps are an occasional apnea (though much less frequently than even a few days ago) – and the pip is at 20 (was 18 but they bumped it back up…). the timing of the move to cpap seems to rest on the pda ligation timing – so we’ll see. Tell Dr Nad and everyone else we said hi!

  3. You crack me up! I love you! So glad you’ve never lost that great sense of humor thru this whole ordeal

  4. Wow, on his belly. That has to be a good sign. I hope you are having fun in the photo class. I bet you are glad to be getting back to your students. Miss you here in Lancaster. Thanks for the update on Ben.

  5. you will never get fat on cake Amy never……Ben keep up all the good work you are doing- gettng stronger and stronger. Amy when do you take a class? What is a cpap? I can’t wait till I am 100% and can come and see you all. Love you

  6. I love that picture with Joe and Ben, it is so cool that you can see Joe’s reflection in the glass.

  7. Hey, thoes vent numbers look great…way to go, little man! Amy, Joe and Benjamin…keep up the good work and keep us posted!

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