Alert little man

Benjamin looked a lot better this evening. One of his blood cultures came out positive but we think he’s on the mend. He was the most alert he’s been in days.



9 thoughts on “Alert little man

  1. Hugs to little Benjamin! Hang in there you 3 🙂

  2. He’s a strong little man who has tons of people on his side…

  3. Ben has a big fan club and a wonderful family. He is always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to see him and his terrific parents soon!

  4. Good Morning Handsome! I can’t wait to see you later! Love you. Tell Mommy I’ll be there around 3:30.

  5. That’s the first time we’ve seen his eyes! He is soooo handsome! Keep up the good work, Benjamin. We can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous eyes.

  6. Good picture of Ben…I found myself saying “Hi, little man”and just wanted to reach in there and take care of him:) I am glad he is doing better!! you all hang in there! My prayers are with you!

  7. Benjamin you are looking good in this picture, i am glad you like your new blankets. They will wrap you with lots of hugs and love.

  8. Good boy Benjamin!!!

  9. I have followed Benjamin’s progress since the beginning thanks to your mom, Edie. I thank you for keeping us posted and wanted to let you know that Chris’ and my families prayers are with you all. Even my friends and coworkers are rooting for Benjamins progress. The pictures you send are amazing. We just know he is going to be a strong little man. Best to you, Joe, Amy and Lil Benjamin.
    Laurie & Chris and family

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