A man with a plan

bird's eye view


Benjamin got the clear from Infectious Diseases this afternoon, so I got a call from cardiology. His PDA ligation is scheduled for Monday, barring any changes over the weekend.


9 thoughts on “A man with a plan

  1. Go little man, GO. Have a peaceful weekend. Same to Mom and Dad. I hear that great things are in store once that pesky hole is closed. Prayers throughout every day for all you guys. From the whole Civiletta clan.

  2. It was great seeing Ben and Amy yesterday. Will be great when you get this PDA checked off your to-do list. Go Ben!

  3. I Second that opinion! We send a little happy thought and prayer up to you guys every day as we pass by Columbia on our way home from work.

  4. Glad to hear that he’s clear of infections! And we’ll all keep our fingers crossed for the rest of it…. Ben has already found his way to our hearts!

  5. Great news!! Crossing my fingers that everything goes as planned!

  6. Praying for a good weekend for all of you, and a good report on Monday!!!

  7. That is good news. Glad the infection is gone. Have a nice peaceful weekend. Our prayers are with you, and we will say extra prayers on Monday.

  8. *hug* just catching up… wow. please let me know if there’s any way we can help. . .

  9. Praying all goes well Monday Benjamin, and Mom and Dad. Love UB, AL, Jeff and Amanda

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