Squirmy Worm

Benjamin had a good weekend. Carol and Conrad came to visit and see his new digs and get some good i-talian food. Both missions were accomplished, and we were so glad to have them here.

Mr. Benjamin seems back to his old, squirmy self. He kicked and wiggled and looked around all weekend, pausing only to dislodge his ventilator tube this morning. He’s going to be on his antifungal medicine for 6 weeks to make sure that the infection is totally gone, but other than that, all clinical signs of infection seem to have gone away.

All this, just in time of course, for his surgery. Benjamin’s PDA ligation is scheduled for tomorrow morning- he’s 3rd on the list. Though we know that he needs the ligation, and that it will help him in many ways- it will increase blood flow to his organs, make his heart work a little less, and help his lungs develop; we also know that he doesn’t like change. The doctors said it will be a rough 24-48 hours after the surgery as his body adjusts to the different circulation path and to expect low blood pressure, high vent settings and kidney issues at first.We’re nervous that the next week will be a tough one, but we’re also hopeful that it will help him more than a short-term setback.

And for your viewing pleasure, some cuteness:


Holding mama's finger


trying to find his thumb




Wish us luck tomorrow and for a quick recovery for our little guy!


8 thoughts on “Squirmy Worm

  1. Prayers and wishes coming your way.

  2. Thinking of you all day today – hang in there – the waiting isn’t fun.
    Lots of love,
    Aunt B

  3. The three of you are in my thoughts. Best to get the surgery and recovery out of the way so Ben can be rested and ready to listen to the Mets season opener on Friday!

  4. Amy, Joe and Ben, you are all in my thoughts and prayers today as you prepare for Ben’s surgery. Best wishes for a speed recovery for little Ben! We miss him at WBH!

  5. I’m so happy he’s doing better, all of u has NEVER left my mind ESPECIALLY tat adorable Ben! He is looking a bit fulle ronhis tummy he looks liek he is gaing and looks so much better from day one, I love how he is looking alert and tryin to suck his thumb…TO CUTE! Way 2 go Ben! Ur a champ! as u both r along side him! : )

  6. Covering you all in prayer! Thanks for the cute pictures – he is precious!!!!

  7. We will be praying for all of you and the doctors too. Thanks for the great card and good wishes for Ralph. Love you

  8. This is such a long morning waiting to hear from you! Benjamin is in good hands and I’m sure he’ll have a speedy recovery. It’s the parents who seem to be having it the hardest! Prayers and much love sent your way.

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