And now we wait

Benjamin was just taken into the OR. Trying to be brave.


8 thoughts on “And now we wait

  1. thinking of you three! here is to a quick and successful surgery!

  2. I wish I were with you. With all those prayers and so many people who love him, he’s a lucky little boy! God is watching over Benjamin.

  3. Benjamin will be in my prayers today as he has been. The Lord will take care of him.

  4. Big, big hugs and lots of positive energy to you. I’ll be thinking of you (even more) today! And tomorrow. And always.

  5. sending u TONS of good thoughts towards ya! He’s a strong boy, will be hoping for a quick recovery !

  6. Ben-boy continues to be in my prayers and you two too.

  7. All prayers in the world to you and his doctors. Love you guys!

  8. He is rocking that OR right now!

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