baby steps

Benjamin had another quiet day, which is more than we were expecting this morning. His blood pressure has been nice and steady- so much so that they totally weaned him from the dopamine, and his vent settings are a teeny bit better than they have been. When I came in this morning his eyes were wide open and he was doing fine. We’re hoping he continues on this positive trend and are just taking it all day by day.


11 thoughts on “baby steps

  1. Oh my that is wonderful news stay positive it seems that this young man is a trooper.

  2. good boy benjamin!!! keep it up.

  3. Yeah, I am so glad Ben is doing so well. Thanks for keeping the posts coming. Yes, life keeps bringing us challenges. Keep us growing. Thanks for the message on Facebook about Zachery. What a nightmare, or another Rollercoaster. In parenthood you finally make it through one ride and for some reason we parents turn around and get back on another you get on another rollercoaster. Why, insanity? No, love!!!!!! We are all crazy. Take care, hope school is going well.

  4. Good work Benjamin coming through the surgery like the fighter you are. Amy & Joe we are always sending our love and prayers for all of you.

  5. Jack added Benjamin to his prayers tonight. We’re all rooting for the little guy. I hope you have a quiet week with him. Hugs to you all!

  6. Great job Benjamin,our prayers well continue for you and family, I love you all.

  7. So glad the procedure made such a positive difference! Hope this continues and thanks for all the updates!

  8. Today is Day 52! And look how far Benjamin has come! Every good day is a celebration!

  9. These updates make my day.

  10. These updates make my day. Go Ben!!

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