New tape job


This feels much better!




14 thoughts on “New tape job

  1. That does show off his adorable face better! Look at how alert he is too. He is just precious 🙂

  2. WOW, Ben’s looks have changed so much. Lookin good.

  3. he is so HANDSOME! makes me wanna kiss him!

  4. Nick, Laurie, Mason, & Caden continue to pray for Benjamin and his upcoming victory! It was great getting to know you all in the NICU @ Women and Babies in Lancaster. Im sure the docs/nurses are taking good care of Benjamin!.
    We love you all,

    • So good to hear from you guys! Please email us your carepage info – we want to hear all about the twins! Hope all is well with you guys! joelasala (a t) gmail

  5. Such a sweet face. Way too cute to hide.

  6. You look so much more comfortable. I can’t wait to see you. Praying for you and your Mom and Dad.

  7. YES!!! He looks GREAT!!!!

  8. Now you can definitely see the Costanzo good looks. 🙂 He’s looking better and better every time. It’s proof that prayer works!

  9. Keep the pictures and the wonderful news coming. Many hugs to Ben and to mom and dad too. Such a cutie!!

  10. He looks so good and much more comfortable!

  11. He looks amazing!!!! im so excited for you! I guess the surgeries worked 🙂

  12. He starting look really good.

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