No news is good news

Benjamin has continued to recover from his surgery with flying colors. His blood pressure has been great, even off the dopamine and he is slowly making progress on his ventilator. They have been working at flushing him of excess fluids to help his lungs work better and it seems to be working. He is still fighting that fungal infection and will be on anti-fungal stuff for another 5 weeks. He has needed a lot of blood and platelets lately, which worried us a little and made the doctors do another head scan to see if the brain bleed was the reason. But we just heard from the doctors that the scan showed no new bleeds – so that is a great relief. It is most likely the infection eating up the platelets and that should improve as the treatment continues.

He is also back on feeds – a tiny amount, but enough to get his stomach working again. They will slowly increase it as he tolerates it. He better get to work – we have a chest freezer at home filled with milk that he needs to drink one day. We are even talking about getting another freezer to keep up with all the milk Carol is providing (superstar!).

Ben (I am giving up this fight and going to use his shortened name sometimes too…) had some fun visitors the past few days including Grandpa Charlie, Seth, Elisha and Jamie. And grandmas are coming back this weekend and bringing GACA for her first visit. We also got an adorable video greeting from NICU veteran and Ben’s role model, Jack J sent by my blues sister, Vicki. We played it at Ben’s  isolette for him- and he gave it a standing ovation (or blinked… one or the other).

He also has a new tape job for his breathing tube that shows off his face a bit more – photos soon.


4 thoughts on “No news is good news

  1. This is the best news I’ve gotten all week! And it’s been a good week!

  2. Great news. I was kind of jonesing for my Benjamin news fix, but didn’t want to put any pressure on Mom and Dad. Thanks for the update! Love to all of you.

  3. Jack continues to ask about baby Ben. He asked me why baby Ben is sick and when he can come play. I told him that before he knows it, he and Ben will be making mud pies, perfume on the avenue and blues brother drinks. He looked confused but was relieved to hear about ice cream in the blues drink.

    Hugs to you all!

    • Love it Vic! Explain that the perfume on the avenue can be found in houses in town – maybe that will help. Can’t wait for Jack to be able to play with Ben

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