Quiet progress

Benjamin is still doing very well on the CPAP and seems much more comfortable and happy. We also think his anti-fungal treatment is working, and he has had no need for blood transfusions in a few days. They have been increasing his milk intake and he is up to 14 ml every three hours now – this is a record for him. They are going to increase it until he’s around 22ml and then he’ll be off the IV nutrition. Though he is, of course, still getting the milk through a feeding tube – it will be a while before he can drink from a bottle.

In other good news – they did an eye test on Ben and he did great. Preemies are very prone to an eye disorder, but so far so good for the little man. They will test him every two weeks to make sure that doesn’t change.

More news later… might have some fun photos to share!



5 thoughts on “Quiet progress

  1. What wonderful news to brighten what has been yet another dreary day. You d’man Ben keep it up little guy!!!!!!!!

  2. How amazing: that procedure made all the difference! I’m so glad to hear of his progress and look forward to hearing more! I’m getting too big to visit again but after my baby comes, I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

  3. This is all such great news. We are so happy for you both and for the little man. We will keep the good thoughts coming so that the good news will keep on coming. Happy, happy day!

  4. This is all good and positive news and so wonderful to hear. Keep up the good work Ben. Amy and Joe keep up the wonderful parenting job. You are all amazing and we love you all so much!

  5. Benjamin is a miracle baby! The past week has been so good for him! I am so relieved and happy for you guys!

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