Papa’s turn

Felt amazing to hold Benjamin. Also, he is now up to full feeds – no more IV nutrition. AND he cries now – mostly right before meal time. Sounds like a little lamb.


Joe and Benjamin


18 thoughts on “Papa’s turn

  1. Fanbloodytastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx

  2. Wow! Adorable! And being held by his dad! And eating without IV! And AAAAAAWWWWEEESSOOOOOOOMMME-ness.

  3. That is so precious – so happy you could finally hold your little boy. And what a wonderful sound that little cry must be. So happy for you and Amy.

  4. Amazing!! So happy for you!!

  5. This is the best picture I’ve seen since… Well, that picture of Amy holding Benjamin, I guess. But it’s still frikkin awesome. Heights dads FTW!

  6. AWW, Proud Papa!!!! I’m so thrilled for you and Amy and your darling lambie!! Benjamin is so lucky to get such fabulous, loving ‘rents as yourselves. 🙂 Lots of love all around!

  7. That’s so unbelievably cool. Congratulations my dear!

  8. What a beautiful site!

  9. Hey, Mom and Dad….that looks great and you both look so proud!!! Take care of that little Lamb….I can just hear him cry!

  10. World’s best father.

  11. Thanks everybody! It was pretty darn cool to hold him… starting to feel like an actual father to an actual baby. It hammers in the fact that one day he will come home… wow

  12. SO happy for you Joe. One proud Papa you make. The world is smiling with you and we all can’t wait for the day we get to cheer on Benjamin as you welcome him home!

  13. The best Dad ever!!!!

  14. Lookin good my man!

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