Grow Ben Grow

Benjamin is now 2 lbs 10 oz and had a very good weekend. Carol came to visit with Ruth, Karen and Kristin and everyone was so happy to see how “big” he has gotten. Carol even got to hear his cry and he opened his eyes for her too. And with this trip up our chest freezer is officially full to the brim with milk! But no worries, we now have a second chest freezer for Carol to fill. Ben better start eating more soon! It’s a bit crazy, but our dining room now looks like an ice cream shop. So grateful that Carol keeps pumping for him – he is doing really great on milk.


5 thoughts on “Grow Ben Grow

  1. Ben’s weight gain sounds terrific! Keep that good news coming… 🙂

  2. As a Momma who pumped for 2 babies (and needed some help from a milk bank), I’ll add a shout out to Carol for such a kind deed. Thanks for helping Ben! Women like you are totally heroes…..

    Also…. go Ben!

  3. You could always start an icecream shop in your dining room. It worked in England =)

  4. Reading your posts are one of the highlights of Becky and my weeks! We can’t wait to meet the little guy.

  5. To heroes and fighters and the perseverence of love! Woohoo!

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