The fungus among us

So in the end the blood cultures came back clear and Benjamin has gone back to full feeds (still half milk, half formula). Though there is still the matter of an infection in his urinary tract. The fungus that they have been treating him for during the last few weeks is still around. This concerned the doctors a bit since they have been using pretty big anti-fungal guns- the thought is the fungus built up a resistance. So they switched up the meds and hoping the new stuff works. On the plus side, he is not showing any signs of being infected – he is still doing great on room oxygen, tolerating his feeds and being alert and cute.

Yesterday he got a follow-up eye exam and his eyes are still doing well (No ROP – Retinopathy of Prematurity). They are going to do another test in two weeks.

The nurses have suggested we do kangaroo care every time we come in now that he is stable and I got to do it the other day for the first time. I have to say it was pretty amazing to feel him squirming right up against me. Then he slept and I told him about the rules of baseball.

They even tried taking Benjamin off the CPAP for short periods and he has done pretty good. Hopefully soon they will begin officially weaning him.

In other news he is up to 1.3 kg or 2 lbs, 14  oz. Almost 3 pounds!


4 thoughts on “The fungus among us

  1. That’s AWESOME!! Thanks for the update Joe. We’ve been checking back a few times a day since the NPO post & were getting nervous. Hopefully the new meds do the trick. We’re glad to hear of the weight gain & that you’ve FINALLY started explaining the rules of the best sport EVER! 😉

    All our best to you, Amy & Benjamin!

  2. I hope you took the time to make sure he CLEARLY understands the “Infield Fly Rule”. I hate having to explain that to men!


  4. Yea Ben! Almost 3 lbs! And he’s so smart I’m sure that he understands the infield fly rule!

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