An enigma wrapped in a diaper

This weekend we had several different doctors tell us the same thing: “I don’t know.” Our little Benjamin seems to have become a medical mystery in a couple of ways that have us worried.

1. The “fungus that has not gone away” turns out to be sensitive to the medicine they were giving him to treat it. They changed the medicine to something else that should also kill it, but the question remains – why didn’t the first medicine work? The doctors think it might be hiding someplace – like an abscess – but haven’t seen anything that could be  it. They are going to do another culture to see if he still has the infection and if so they need to begin a serious hunt.

2. In the more-worrisome department, on Friday Benjamin had a head ultrasound and they saw a spot in his brain. It was in a place they normally don’t see bleeds and he is also older than preemies who develop bleeds. They aren’t sure what it is, what it means or if it will affect Ben. They will be doing a follow-up scan soon and getting input from other doctors.

On the plus side – he is still doing excellent otherwise. None of this seems to be affecting his outward health. And even better he is now 3 lbs, 1 oz (1390 gm)!

More news as we get it.


5 thoughts on “An enigma wrapped in a diaper

  1. We will keep praying! Go Ben, fight the fungus!

  2. Joe – We are pulling for you, your wife, and your son. We are very excited to watch his amazing progress as he fights for his spot in this world. Keep up the great work as a super mom and dad!!!

  3. We think someone just got their thumb in front of the lens when they were taking those pictures of his brain. Silly doctors! Hang in there guys–the three of you are in our thoughts.

  4. … maybe a comfort, maybe not…. but how much is he like a “normal” baby?

    Any Mom who has battled thrush , a fungus, with a newborn will tell you it goes on and on well after the Dr.’s have told you what they did should have cured it. Some kids deal with it for months and months and you end up hitting it with numerous things before it goes away. I am also thinking that babies often have spots in places they oughtn’t on ultrasounds, Lotte had one on her heart at week 22 which earned me bucket loads of tests and stress, and it was nothing.

    I know Benjamin is a very special guy, with concerns unlike my full term babes, I just thought it might be comforting to know other babies also struggle with things like this….

    But still… you tell those Dr.s we like hearing news like “Benjamin is a rock star” and “Benjamin kicks ass” far more than he has a stubborn fungal infection, and a spot. Just saying.

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