Wiggly Benjamin

Not even an MRI and an eye exam can keep him down for long…


14 thoughts on “Wiggly Benjamin

  1. I love you Benjamin!!! (and you have the bestest parents in the world!!!)

  2. OH WOW Thanx for sharing this video! It’s 7:11 A.M. and it’s great to see a wiggly Ben! How cute! Ben u ROCK!

  3. Awesome video! Love seeing Benjamin bust a move!

  4. Jack and I loved the video! Jack said that he wants to dance like baby Ben.

  5. Jazz hands!! He is adorable!

  6. He looks GREAT!!!!!!

  7. Look at that baby move! Fantastic! When he’s learning to climb up on everything and driving you batty from unpacking file cabinets, you’ll look back on this video in amazement. I’m so happy for you guys!

  8. He is so cute. I just want to give him lots and lots of kisses.

  9. This video is the BEST! He is such a cutie! He is so alert and raring to go. Enjoy him.

  10. He’s quite the dancer already!

  11. Oh, Benjamin, one day we’ll dance the polka together! I can’t wait! What rhythm you have! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  12. AWE wiggly piggly, he looks so awesome and alert! hiya buddy benjamin!

  13. Oh, man. I wanna meet that little guy so flippin’ bad! Hugs to the three of you.

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