Not such a fungi after all

In a pre-dawn raid, navy seal antibiotics stormed the kidney mansion where Benjamin’s fungal infection was hiding out and eliminated the threat. Apparently this was big news with people cheering in the streets. I think the president even gave a speech about it, but I went to bed.

Seriously though – the urine culture came back negative. Now begins the 6-week course of the anti-fungal to make sure it’s gone for good. (Still waiting on the spinal fluid culture though – and of course there will be lots of follow-up urine cultures).

Also – Ben is wearing clothes full-time now! Hooray for laundry!


7 thoughts on “Not such a fungi after all

  1. The whole world is celebrating for Benjamin! Who knew we’d have to call out the Navy! And once again Benjamin is victorious!

  2. I’d better get all those onesies to him. I have a ton!

  3. Great news – there is no longer a fungus among us. It seems to me that Ben is becoming very cultured!

  4. Awesome news, Joe and Amy! We are thinking of you all each day.

  5. What a wonderful load of wash to do. Great job Benjamin. Don’t they have a smaller bottle?

    • Ha! Ruth, we promise, that bottle is the same size as the little ones Carol fills up! It just looks HUGE next to him!

  6. awesome! so awesome!

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