You and me and a bottle make three

With that nasty fungus sent packing, Benjamin got down to business this week and hit another milestone. He got his first try at a bottle this week and is doing great on it. Up until now he has been getting all of his nutrition from formula alternated with breast milk (Carol is a rockstar { accidentally misspelled that as “rackstar” originally – which I suppose would also work}), all through a feeding tube going straight to his belly. On his first try he did wonderfully and knew exactly what to do – and got down 12ml. He has been getting a shot at it every day and so far that is still his record, but he is doing well. Since this is only a small part of his meals, he is still getting the rest through his tube. And the best part is Amy has been able to feed him herself (after the first time).

They still take him off of CPAP almost daily for a little to begin weaning him off of it – but it will still take a while. He is also slowly being weaned off of the heated isolette – once he can maintain his own temperature they can move him into an open-air crib.  And as of yesterday he was up to 3 lbs, 6 oz! (lost a little last night though).

Can’t believe he might be home next month – so much stuff to do before then!

Benjamin's first bottle

Monkey Ben

Out of the isolette, off CPAP


17 thoughts on “You and me and a bottle make three

  1. Excellent news what a little trooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow! Way to go, Benjamin! Also, that picture of him out of the isolette, off CPAP, in Amy’s arms… SLAYS me. The cute, it HURTS!

  3. Every milestone is a wonderful one!
    My NICU baby (Alex) turned 25 this week and is still as feisty as ever!
    Keep up the good work (all three of you)
    Aunt B

  4. Now thats what Im talking about? When is he gonna eat some lasagna?

  5. I bet if you made him a Blues Brother drink he’d take at least 20 ml!!! Great news on his weight and a possible homecoming in a month!

  6. What a wonderful post! Praise God for this milestone!

  7. This is wonderful news! Go Ben! Keep up the good work, big guy.

  8. I’ve sadly been away from my Ben fix the past week, but SO happy to catch up and read the progress he’s made over the past week and a half. Your positive outlook and neverending hope is truly an inspiration we are all learning from. Through the humor and heartfelt words, we all realize how difficult each and everyday is and we are all here loving and supporting you whenever, however and wherever we can. From all of us outside of the NICU, I hope you are encouraged by the love and joy we have the honor of experiencing and living through the three of you.

  9. Nearly cried when I read this post. How exciting to be so close!

  10. Oh…my…goodness! So many wonderful things happening all at once! Ben must be getting ready for his first mother’s day by putting a huge smile on Amy’s face! (Joe’s too!)

  11. So good to see both Ben and Joe today. He’s getting so big!

  12. Lookin sharp in clothes Ben!

  13. GO BEN!!!! Maybe home in a month?? That’s wonderful!! Keep the great news coming!!

  14. Just checking in….I laughed at May 2nd posting about the raid!! But boy…..he is looking great…..Go Benjamin go! He has come a long way from his first day of life!
    I am so glad he is po feeding and off of the C-Pap at times…Way to go Ben,Mom and Dad.

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