Where did he get the dimples?

The eye surgeon stopped by today to check in on Benjamin but had no news for us because he couldn’t see enough to see any improvement yet. He is coming back on Tuesday to check again.

However we think they might have installed dimples during his last surgery. Neither Amy nor I have dimples so we’re not sure where he got them but goshdarnit it’s awfully cute.

He slept a ton today but when he woke up he was all smiles for his momma.

The happiest baby in the NICU


5 thoughts on “Where did he get the dimples?

  1. Benjamin’s dimples and smile are the cutest ever! What a happy little boy!

  2. He certainly is a cute little guy….turning into a real charmer. I will continue to pray for Benjamin and know that the Lord is smiling down on him and he will continue to grow beautifully and conquer any health issues.

  3. The 2 small indentations,
    that lay within my cheeks
    sometimes are very devilish,
    other times mild and meek.

    Given to me by angels,
    that were sent from the heavens above
    especially signed and sealed,
    with my mothers unconditional love.

  4. Gosh, he looks so happy. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see Bens’ dimples some day. Someone in the family must have them. Take care guys. Thanks for all the posts.

  5. His smile has made my day!

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