ROP Update

The eye surgeon who worked on Benjamin last week came by to see the results yesterday and had trouble seeing any improvement in his ROP. He is coming back on Friday and will likely try another type of treatment – this time injecting a drug primarily meant for cancer into his eye. The drug is Avastin and the whole thing is pretty experimental still – but early studies seem to be encouraging. (A word of warning – do not google “ROP and Avastin” – you will get a video that shows the injections being given and it is something you won’t be able to un-see).

Hopefully this treatment will work – plan C and D are much more invasive.

But there is (unrelated) good news!

  • Amy got to feed Benjamin herself with a bottle yesterday and he took 14 ml! (Almost half his feeds)
  • Ben is almost 100% off the heater and keeping his temperature up on his own.
  • And …… drum-roll…… he is now over 4 pounds!

6 thoughts on “ROP Update

  1. Great news on the weight and feeding. Thanks for the warning about that video…of course by saying not to look at it, it made me want to look at it. It’s like a scene out of Luis Bunuel movie! But it’s amazing how it can help. Fingers crossed that it is effective with young Benjamin!

  2. My mother takes avastin for her macular degeneration. I hope Ben improves with this treatment as is in the case for my mother it stablizes the macular degeneration and so far everything is going ok. She has to go every 2-3 months for the injection.

  3. Tomorrow is a big day and I know Benjamin will come through it better than ever. You know how much I love all of you. You are amazing parents, Amy and Joe and are so good at it naturally. Watching you with him brings tears to my eyes. Benjamin is so lucky to have you as you are so lucky to have him. He’s such a special baby and will thrive in your love.

  4. Checking in….just wondering Joe, if you were squeezing him to hard in the video (smile)…just thought I would ask!! He is sooo darn cute. I remember his little dimple! Keep us posted about the eyes and we will keep our fingers crossed….I continue to pray for you all.

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