Fighting ROP- Plan B

I’m tired of good news/bad news posts, so I want to get this update out of the way first, then get on to other things.

On Friday, the eye surgeon came back to examine Benjamin and see if the laser surgery worked and in his words, Ben’s “prognosis is poor”. Both eyes are damaged through ROP in such a way that he cannot fix them with laser surgery and the previous laser did not do much to help. Plan B was Avastin injections – which as I said is sort of experimental for babies. It is really a cancer drug, but they use it more and more on adults with eye problems (like my aunt). At CHONY it is not approved yet for use on babies since not enough studies have been done to prove its safety, but there has been some really amazing results on babies with zone 1, stage 3 ROP, like Ben has. Since there really aren’t any other good options, the surgeon decided to give him the injections anyway (actually the first time he has given it to a baby).

The injections could reverse the abnormal blood vessel growth and hopefully save his eyes. The surgeon went so far as to call it a “wonder drug.” We like the sound of that a lot and are hoping hoping hoping it works.

We won’t know for at least a week if it has any effect – everything crossed.


4 thoughts on “Fighting ROP- Plan B

  1. Praying it will work. Stay strong. Love to all of you.

  2. My fingers will ne crossed! Sending great Ju-Ju vibes to u and ur baby

  3. We are keeping our fingers crossed night and day that the injections will work. Love and kisses to all.

  4. our fingers are super crossed for you. and we are so glad to see him in a new home (crib)!

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