Hungry Hungry Preemie

Benjamin had a super-star day yesterday (celebrating his 15th week). First he trialed off the CPAP from 2am to 11am with no problems – that’s a personal best! Second he practiced with a bottle and took his whole meal on his own – no feeding tube. That’s 38ml (with a little extra for good measure) – and he did it in under a half hour. Amy is going to try a bottle again today and we’ll see how he does.


More, please!

Ben was also really funny yesterday and was so alert and did not want to be put down. We sang him silly songs and stayed with him until he fell asleep and we could sneak out. He is acting like a real baby – who would have thought? His due date is next week, so while he will be dealing with issues relating to his prematurity for a long time, he is in baby territory now.

Still no news on his eyes… will update when we hear.


♫ "Ben refuses to sing along, he won't..." ♫


14 thoughts on “Hungry Hungry Preemie

  1. o.k. random, that toy you have in the first picture? The baby Einstein jobber that plays classical music? Lotte has loved that thing from week one to the present. best $8 I have ever spent….

    Also… go Benjamin! Awesome eating and acting like a regular Newborn (with all the challenge that provides!)

  2. Well the young man has defied al the odds up to now so why not defy his parents!! if he doesn’t want to sing he won’t.

    You go Ben.

  3. Our precious Ben,
    We can’t wait til when
    You’re snuggled home in your own bed
    A whole world to unfold
    Bedtime stories to be told
    After our prayers have been said

    Grandma can’t write
    Oh, what a plight!
    She loves you so much she could burst!
    The circus, the zoo!
    There’s so much to do!
    Please Benjamin, hurry home first!

  4. Such GREAT news! So glad to hear!

  5. that’s just GREAT joe. GO-BEN-GO!!!!!!

  6. Awesome, amazing, awe-inspiring, need I say more?!

  7. yay, “baby territory!”
    Wonderful, happy news!

  8. YAY Ben! So glad to see the good news. Still keeping you all in my thoughts. 🙂 He is a rockstar!!!

  9. I’m so happy for all of you! I love you so much.

  10. Amy – the smile on your face is just priceless!! And I can’t get over Ben. So adorable – such a bundle of love. Keep the updates coming!! GO BEN!!!!

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