Baby Boombalatti

Benjamin has been chunking up this past week – hitting a whopping 4 pounds 12 ounces last night! That’s 3 pounds over his birth weight.

He also has been doing really well weaning off of the CPAP and his record is 15 hours off without a sweat.

Ben’s poppa got a chance at feeding and Benjamin took a whole 47 ml from his bottle (more than a full feeding). Not bad for my first try.

Another milestone – Amy gave Benjamin his first tub bath. He seemed to like it well enough… or at least not hate it. It was seriously adorable.

With all this work on Benjamin’s part, we figured we needed to pitch in and get some stuff done too. We finally cleared out his room and began setting up for him.

Lots of visitors this weekend – Carol and Conrad made the trip up to the city to see Ben. Grandma W and Amanda came in today as well as Jamie and Elisha. Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing Grandma L, Chris, Laurie and Grandpa W.

Sadly no progress on the eye front yet – the surgeon is coming back again later this week and hopefully then he will see some improvement from the Avastin.


Hey hey hey

first tub bath

Splish splash


6 thoughts on “Baby Boombalatti

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. His wet head is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Next to that smile. Congrats on the newest milestones!

  2. Bath time fun! Its amazing how monumental these little steps are adding up to be. We hope to introduce Lily to your handsome young man some day!

  3. Ben is so adorable! I’m so glad that you are finally looking at bringing him home soon. It’s been a long haul and all three of you are being real troupers through the whole ordeal. Ben looks like he is enjoying his bath and so does mom! Enjoy these wonderful moments–you deserve them.

  4. So cute. While I know it’s been a long haul with a long road ahead, these updates do my heart good. Stay strong and GO BEN GO!!

  5. Yeah Ben!!! Loved the pictures, keeping Ben in my prayers!
    Fondly, your friend from Lancaster, Debbie

  6. Looking like a champ Benjamin…and Amy too 🙂 You’re a natural!

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