Post-surgery again

Benjamin is recovering from his surgery, sleeping nicely, but still intubated and on the ventilator when we left him. They plan to extubate him and put him back on CPAP as soon as he wakes up from the anesthesia.

The surgeon said that the operation went “as well as can be expected” and that he removed most if not all of the scar tissue. He said that the left eye was still worse than the right but he was satisfied with what he was able to do. Benjamin also tolerated the surgery well and did not have any issues. The surgeon is going to return twice a week starting Tuesday to check in on Ben and see if the surgery worked to reattach the retinas.

Crossing everything with the hope it works.


9 thoughts on “Post-surgery again

  1. he’s in my prayers every night. love yous.

  2. Good boy Benjamin (the surgeon did OK too).

  3. All in all the news sounds good. Will keep praying for the recovery after the surgery. Good news to know the Doctor will be around often to check up on Ben. Keep in touch. Thanks so much for the update.

  4. WOW, these pictures are great of Benjamin!! I read all the recent updates on our little man..ahh big man!!Tell him to keep it up. So he did need the eye surgery. Give him a “squeeze” for me 🙂 I am thinking of you all!

  5. Sending prayers for Benjamins eyes. I’m so happy to hear that he hit the 5lb mark! Hopefully he’s able to go home soon 🙂

  6. Grampa Jay and bernice , love you Benjamin and we know that you are strong as you name goooooooooo BIG BOY XOXOXOXOXOOXOOOXO

  7. I’m praying for our baby Benjamin – as I have been as he has taken us all on this incredible ride with him. Of course, I pray he has at least some sight but I know that he has the best parents to help him deal with his challenges in the future. I couldn’t think of two people more up to the task of giving Benjamin a full and happy life than Amy & Joe. Happy supposed to be birthday Benjamin – looking forward to many more.

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