Not quite ready to write a full post on this yet – but the Avastin injections did not work and Benjamin is having surgery on his eyes today in order to attempt to save them. The surgery will last 3-4 hours and is starting soon.

Will write more later


11 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. sending all my prayers and best wishes and keeping all my appendages crossed.

  2. I’ll be thinking of u all especially Ben!

  3. Oh my gosh a hard day for you guys can’t imagine but I will be praying for you and the man he is a tough cookie xx

  4. There is an old song that says “I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows.” I know this is very hard for you, but one day you will enjoy your garden of beautiful flowers and your beautiful little boy. I love you.

  5. Joe thanks for the post. I know this is so hard to share. I am praying for a sucessful surgery for Ben and strength for you and Amy through all this. Being a parent and having to wait is nerve wracking. I hope to hear great news after the surgery. Thanks again for sharing the good and bad about Ben. You all three are very special and amazing people. Please know we care and we are cheering for Ben. Eagerly awaiting your next post. Take care.

  6. Hoping for the best for all of you. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  7. thinking of you guys and sending my love,

  8. we love y’all and are thinking about you three

  9. We are hoping and praying good thoughts that the surgery will be a success. We love you guys.

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