Back to his old self

Benjamin (now up to 5 pounds, 3 oz!)  is recovering nicely from his surgery (no news yet on his eyes) and is pretty much demanding progress. If there is one thing he hates (more than getting his temperature taking and a little less than eye exams) it’s his CPAP. He was off yesterday from 8am until 11pm and did not like going back on. And if there’s one thing he loves it’s getting his feeding from a bottle.

This is very convenient for us, since these are the two things he needs to do – get off the CPAP full-time and get all his feedings from the bottle.

The other thing Benjamin loves is being held – which is wonderful for us when we are there, since we love the feeling of providing him comfort and having that bonding time. But when i starts getting late in the evening and we need to head home, it is really heart breaking to see him get upset. Amy is getting very talented at calming him down long enough so we can sneak out (and let the nurses deal with him after he discovers our clever ruse). I suspect this skill will be useful in a few weeks.

Speaking of a few weeks, the nurses, while remaining closed lips over any timetable for the great escape, have begun asking us if we have a pediatrician or if we have begun setting up his room. This, as was explained by a nurse a couple of months ago, is code for “Your baby is nearly ready to go home, prepare to freak out.” Ben still needs to get off the antifungal (June 10) , do the other stuff mentioned above, and also get his hernia fixed before he leaves. that said, the light at the end of this particular tunnel is getting bright.

Anyone know where we can get a drum of Purell to dip Cayman in?

sleeping ben

Honk shoo... I look like an angel



13 thoughts on “Back to his old self

  1. YAY BEN!!!!! HURRY HOME!!!!!!!

  2. Hooray for 5lbs, 3oz! That’s how much I weighed when I was born!! I’m glad to hear hints are being dropped… baby steps are still steps!! xoxo

  3. He’s growing so fast…and getting cuter every day too. Can’t wait til he’s able to say good bye to the hospital and head home to Queens.

  4. I would like to lose about 5lb more on my diet — I will now just call this goal “losing a Ben,” in honor of your child — I’m nice like that. Also: please ask the fancy doctors up there if they have some sort of weight transfer surgery cause if so then Ben could just take my “extra Ben” and pack it on himself.

  5. Such a sweet face!

  6. I think we can help you out in the Purell department. I was doing spring cleaning yesterday and found 8 (yes, 8) bottles of the stuff in my house. I have to find this thing we had for Jack’s car seat. It was a red octagon that looked like a stop sign and said, “Please wash your hands before touching me”. It actually worked too. You’ll be surprised how many people will just walk up and try to touch him (especially since he’s super cute!!)

  7. When we had Jack, I bought the automatic purell foam dispensers that they had at the hospital for my house. BEST purchase ever. I have two, one right outside the bathroom and one in the laundry room, where I have Jack’s changing area. Anthony made “foam in” signs and it’s a really easy way to make sure all of Ben’s visitors are fresh! I ordered them on Amazon.

    Also, we went through double Hernia surgery with Jack when he was 6 weeks old. He was a champ. Super fast recovery. I am sure Ben will scoff at such a trivial event. He’s way tougher than any ol’ Hernia surgery!!

  8. WOW he’s REALLY gonna be a chubby be4 long! : ) Great to see him sleeping w/o anything on his cute face! U go Ben! Home soon wow I know ya MUST be so excited to have ur baby home soon enough. Loving everything that was wrtitten today and loving his pic! : )

  9. Fabulous news!! 🙂 Fingers crossed that its soon!!!

  10. Today’s post made me cry – again. GO BEN!!!! There is an awesome home waiting for you. Just think – this part of the journey is almost over – on to bigger and better ones!

  11. They sell HUGE containers of Purell at Sam’s Club. 🙂 Here’s hoping that’s the least of your worries from here on out.

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