CPAP? Ben don’t need no stinkin’ CPAP

We did not want to jinx it, but Benjamin has been off of CPAP since 4am on Wednesday. By my trusty Office Depot calculator, that is over 60 hours! That seriously destroys his previous records. Does this mean he’s off completely? Only Ben knows that for sure – but so far, so good.

Besides CPAP, do you know what Benjamin doesn’t need? Antifungal drugs, that’s what. As of yesterday he has finished his 6-week course. This means he doesn’t need a constant IV on him and we can stop poking him like a pin cushion. Hooray!

So now we are down to working on his feeding. We need to get him to take all his milk through a bottle. He has been practicing up to now, but now it’s time to get serious.

Ben’s room is almost ready and really looks like a baby’s room. The crib is put together (thanks so much Sandy, Joseph and family!) and the glider is set up and after spending time in there, it might be my favorite room of our apartment. We can’t wait for it to include one Benjamin.

Sleepy Ben

One tube to go

We also want to thank everyone for all your comments on our posts. I know we have said it before, but it means an awful lot to have the support.


6 thoughts on “CPAP? Ben don’t need no stinkin’ CPAP

  1. pregnant ladies shouldn’t be allowed to read this blog. it’s a cry-maker almost every time.

  2. Bit by bit, that beautiful face is more and more visible! I love it! Go, Ben!! ❤

  3. Benjamin, you and your parents are all truly amazing! Keep up the good work and start getting excited about coming home. It’s going to be wonderful. Cayman is going to be so excited to meet you! Your parents will probably get more sleep when you’re home than they do now (which is not the norm). But then again, you are not the norm. You always exceed everyone’s expectations. I love you all so much!

  4. That is great news! Great job Ben! I know each time you go to his room it must drive you nuts! lol Just picturing him in his crib sleeping or u rocking him while singing to him, lol I won’t be surprised you and Joe don’t “pretend” Ben is already theer and play it out! lol that’s what me and Joe used to do before our last son was born. : ) I know there is a Justin-Beiber Fever but I have Ben-Fever!! lol He has changed so much from that time in Febuary, he is getting more and more cute and I think he’s going to look like YOU Amy! I’m so HAPPY for you all that Ben is doing much better each day….as always BEN U ROCK!!

  5. The first thing I look for each night is a note from Amy or Joe. Ben you have
    great parents. I know the day is drawing near when these updates stop,
    because all is well and you are growing stronger each day . Ask your Mom or
    Dad to keep all of us aware of your FIRST, sit ups, crawling, steps, teeth, etc.
    because you will always be very much a part of our family and our hearts.
    Love you all. The Kaiser family (Carols)

    • Of course we will Ruth! Thank you so much!!! After sharing all of this with you guys, you deserve the fun stuff too!!!

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