I jinxed it (yes, Bill… just like cousin Oliver). Shortly after my last post Benjamin went back on CPAP – he was satting a little low and breathing a bit heavy so they decided to give him a rest.

Sometimes it takes a few tries before babies are done for good, they tell us…


9 thoughts on “Jinxed

  1. Way to go Ben for breaking and moving the personal best up by days. What a trooper!!!!

  2. That was our experience too – Toby faked us out 2-3 times before really-for-real going off the CPap. But when he did, it was like OK, I am DONE. No CPap, No tubes, let’s go home NOW! You guys are so close, and we are SO excited for you!

  3. patience, patience …

  4. It was no jinx, he did spent a few days w/o just got a bit tired from all that work, he’ll be outta that before anyone knows it! : ) Keep doing the great job Ben soon enough you be home! : )

  5. He’ll get back off it in no time…just keep Cayman out of the apartment if you all ever decide to build a house of cards. 🙂

  6. Just had my “Catch up on Benjamin” time and couldn’t resist sending a huge hug and cheers from Seattle. You guys are amazing and continue to shine through the many obstacles you have been faced with. So glad to hear the eye surgery was as good as it could be. That’s really great and promising news. Can’t wait to see this little man with those coke bottles on. He’ll be a real Clark Kent…well…minus the height if he’s taking after daddy. WHAT!!! Did I actually type that outloud???

    Thank you both again for letting us be apart of your family. It has been a blessing in so many ways, allowing all of us to help carry you down this long and winding tunnel. We will all be there waiting to welcome Benjamin home soon!

  7. You two (no, three!) are my heros. I’m sorry I don’t post more. But know we are big fans of you all and are loyal readers. I can’t wait to see pictures of you all at home in his nursery. Hugs.

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