On track

It’s been pretty uneventful around old CHONY for Benjamin. He is getting back on track weaning off the CPAP, but is nowhere near his record 60-hour break. He is also making some headway on taking a bottle and is doing well at that a few times a day. And while he is gaining weight (now about 5lbs, 12 oz!) he doesn’t seem to be growing length-wise – been stuck at 43cm for a bit. I can’t imagine where he’s getting this shortness from. Hopefully he’ll get a growth spurt soon so he can be as tall as his parents.

The eye surgeon stopped by yesterday and while it’s still too early to know if the surgery was a success, he seemed pleased with Ben’s eyes so far. Supposedly his retinas are “unfolding” – which we are told is good. So keep unfolding retinas!

The doctors are also talking about scheduling his hernia surgery – so we are getting closer to coming home everyday.


What Benjamin thinks of CPAP


3 thoughts on “On track

  1. Dear Amy and Joe-
    You little angel is a miracale baby. I have learned from your little one that not everythingis as it appears. Ben has brought life into your lives and hope into everyone else who knows him. We are happy to know that everyday he gets stronger and everyday he get closer to the day of when he can sleep in his own crib. Our hope and prayers go out to you and your little angel.
    Love always,
    Victoria Mon
    (Carol’s Neice)

  2. OMG! Wat a cute funny face! Glad to hear everything is coming 2gether, knew Ben would…it’s almost as though he is laughing at fate and saying ” I Got This!” lol

  3. I am so pleased to see more and more good news every day. Love love love the picture, I think Benjamin has his dad’s sense of humor already!!! 🙂
    Can’t wait to “see” Benjamin heading home! Still praying for you guys!!

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