Happy 5 Months!




16 thoughts on “Happy 5 Months!

  1. Gorgeous happy 5 months Ben xx

  2. Happy 5 months sweet Benjamin! I love you so much. Can’t wait to see you.

  3. Happy Birthday Ben, your friends from Lancaster miss you and think you look wonderful!

  4. Baby Ben…xxxxxxxxxx

    Nanny Lorna loves you & can’t wait to hold you!

  5. Chub-a-lubs! Love it!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE FELLOW. Many more to follow and each one
    happier than the one before. Love to you all. The Kaisers

  7. I always look for the Benjamin updates and am pulling for you little guy. I have lots of my friends praying for the best outcomes for Ben too. I can’t wait to meet him at the big party we’re having at Edie’s house in June 2012.

  8. This baby is just so precious and loved by so many. Happy 5 months Mr. Benjamin! Love your 3 and 4th cousins!!! how’s that one???Love to all 3 of you! Love Diane Jimmy & Girls xxxx

  9. Happy 5 months old cutie! You are sure getting cuter each day and so chubby looking! *muah* much love to you Ben! U ROCK baby boy!

  10. Happy five months dear Benjamin, we are happy to see how big you are getting, love you very much dear big boy,lost ofxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Look at those pudgy cheeks! Happy 5 months handsome!

  12. Happy 5 months Sir Benjamin! You’re just as cute as the first day I took care of you 🙂

  13. Happy 5 months little man!!! You’re just so deliciously cute! We just love you!

  14. I’m happy they finally got the pic line in! I like the new look, Joe. Good job!

  15. Is he cute or what? Happy 5 month, Ben! you have come a long way since January…this tiny baby in the isolette. He looks great!

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