Seven pounds and growing/Calling St Lucy

Not a lot of progress has been made recently on CPAP and feeding, but poor Benjamin had a rough few days. Because he needs his new anti-fungal drug (micafungin) once a day by IV, they did not want to keep sticking him with new IVs all the time. Instead they wanted to install a picc line – a more permanent IV that is snaked up the vein towards the heart until it is “central”. Now Ben has had these before, so we weren’t fazed by the idea – but the problem was they kept trying and failing to get it in. I guess his veins have gotten “squiggly” and made it impossible to get the line up them. Three times they tried over four days. Each time they had to sedate him a bit and he still was very unhappy and wore himself out. The third time they got it in, but unfortunately the only vein they got to work was in his head – so it looks a little scary. A small price to pay to hopefully kill off this bug once and for all. The word on the street is that he will be on this drug for months!

Anyhow, with all of this going on, poor Ben has been tuckered and not really able to wean as much on the CPAP or get as many bottle feedings in as we would like. And now just as we are getting back on track we got word that the eye surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow.

We’re a bit nervous about the surgery. This is the second time for this surgery and if it doesn’t work, it is unlikely that Benjamin will be able to see at all. I don’t want to get too far along that train of thought, so we’ll just hope that this time it sticks.

If anyone has an “in” with St Lucy, now is the time to call it in. (It turns out she is from Sicily and Ben being 1/8th Sicilian, I think a deal can be made)

We will post an update tomorrow to let you know if the surgery went smoothly, though we will not know for weeks if it worked .


7 thoughts on “Seven pounds and growing/Calling St Lucy

  1. Good luck! All our prayers are with you all.

  2. I think St. Lucy is going to be very busy tonight. I’ll try to put in the good word for Ben with her right now! Thinking of you all.

  3. We are saying extra prayers for Ben….for tomorrow and always. He is a fighter and he has beat a lot of odds so I have good feelings and am sending positive thoughts. I will go straight to God I don’t know St Lucy.

  4. xoxo and all the best ❤

  5. Thinking of you guys today. Love you all.

  6. Dear Heavenly Father,I thank you with all my heart for keeping this precious little one safe in your care. Please guide the doctors’ hands, and I pray your perfect will for Benjamin. We know you love him even more than his mom and dad do, as amazing as that seems! We know that you are ABLE to do exceedingly and ABUNDANTLY more than we can imagine. We ask for a legion of your angels to protect this little one and your blessed Holy Spirit to comfort his mommy and daddy right now. Your perfect peace. In Jesus’ name,

  7. Heavenly Father, please allow Ben to feel your pure love permeating throughout his entire being. Keep him safe at all times and amplify your love to all who surround him. God Bless xo

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