Still Hoping

Benjamin’s vitrectomy surgery went smoothly today and he is recovering nicely. However, the surgeon didn’t really like what he saw when he was in there. There was a lot more scarring and bleeding that formed since the last surgery, which was the reason the retinas did not unfold. In his own words “there is a lot of disease” and his eyes are “in bad shape”. Not exactly what you want to hear.

He was able to remove the scarring but when he tried to flatten the retinas with a gas bubble like last time, the retinas were too stiff and wouldn’t unfold. Instead this time he filled Ben’s eyes with a viscous liquid that put enough pressure on the retinas that they flattened against the back of the eye. The problem is the liquid only lasts for a few days and there s the risk the retinas will go back to being unfolded after the pressure is gone. If this happens, the surgeon does not know if there is anything further he can do.

It is also worth noting that even if this does work, the best Benjamin will be able to see is very limited. The surgeon described it as “ambulatory” – meaning he can get around a room by himself. But even this is something worth hoping for.

We won’t know if it worked for weeks – so keep that hope coming.


5 thoughts on “Still Hoping

  1. Hoping with all we’ve got!

  2. We’re hoping and praying for Ben.

  3. Everyone is pulling for you guys, especially for Ben! He’s proven to be such a trooper and no obstacle has been too great for the mighty Benjamin. Here’s hoping that his mommy and daddy are staying strong too.

  4. We all experience difficult moments in’s just the way life is. Those who choose to focus on possibilities and solutions will pass through the moment more easily than those who choose to focus on the pain. You are both excellent examples of people who will seek the best opportunities for Ben. He will have a full life and I’m sure he’s destined for greatness!

  5. I agree 100% with your mom! Whatever the outcome is, having you both on his side he WILL be destined for many GREATNESS! I’m sending and will always send hope to you and Ben, cause hope is all we have and w/o it we be lost into a world that I don’t feel neither of you (baby too) are in even with all these problems that may/may not be in your future, you guys are ALWAYS looking forward and NEVER back which is AWESOME so therefore again I agree Benn will be great because he has such wonderful parents as ya 2 in his life! Plus Ben is a fighter! 🙂

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