Mixed Bag

It’s a mixed bag as usual in the NICU on the news front.

Benjamin’s eye surgeon came by last week and seemed hopeful about Ben’s eyes. He said it seemed like they were re-attaching. This is very uplifting to hear. While it doesn’t yet mean that the operation was a success, at least it does mean his eyes have begun to do what they are supposed to do. Let’s hope that continues.

Also, Benjamin is up to 7 pounds 8 ounces. Not bad!

After consulting with an expert in antifungals the doctors at CHONY have changed their plans for treating Ben. They have doubled the dose of the micafungin and added a second one (fluconizal). They think this will be better and faster – needing only 4-6 weeks rather than 12. He will probably go home on oral fluconizal and will stay on it for months (but at least they are months at home)

On the less positive side, Ben spiked a fever the other day so the doctors ran a full sepsis work up on him and found two different infections (neither of them that pesky fungus). The first one was a positive blood culture from him picc line that everyone thinks is probably a contaminant in the test. The second is a bacterial infection that grew in a urine culture. They are treating him with two additional antibiotics for the next week. Hopefully they can clear it up fast.

Also, though a day late, I want to wish Amy a happy fifth anniversary!



3 thoughts on “Mixed Bag

  1. Happy Anniversary. You three make a wonderful family. Love, Dad.

  2. This all sounds pretty good to me…though still a few bumps in the road, it sounds like Ben’s comin’ round the bend a bit. He’s looking so great, and that just warms my heart.

    Nanie Lorna

  3. God, I love to cheeks!!!!

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