Want to help?

People ask a lot about how they could help. And while keeping us in meals and beer and dog walks has been fantastic, there is way that you can help no matter where you are.

Recently micro-preemie support charity Graham’s Foundation posted an article on their facebook page about a mother and her son who both are alive today only because of blood donations. This is just as true for us. Benjamin has received dozens of blood and platelet transfusions in his short life already. There were days when he needed blood every other day for a while. His little body could not keep up with the demand for blood and he would have never made it through even the first week without blood.

Carol too needed a transfusion after Benjamin was delivered after losing so much blood in her efforts to give Ben a fighting chance.

All of this blood comes from folks just like you. It’s hard to imagine the simple act of giving blood has the incredible effect of saving lives. Not just any lives, but often adorable little baby lives.

Donated blood only lasts for 42 days and over the summer there is a drop off in donations so by August many blood banks are running low. This being August 1, it is my request to you to find out where you can donate some blood and do it. Seriously. Go. Now. And tell them Ben sent you.

Also – for any micro-preemie parents reading, as I mentioned above, check out Graham’s Foundation. They are a great resource for information and support run by two parents who started it in memory of their son, Graham. Its mission is to “offer both practical and emotional support to parents of micro-preemie babies.”


3 thoughts on “Want to help?

  1. Joe, Amy and Ben – I’ll be going tomorrow.

  2. Miss you guys. And I’m rollin’ 20s for you, Ben.

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