Ju-Ju, Good News and So Much Cuteness

There is something about being completely out of control of a situation that makes a person a wee bit superstitious. In the NICU when you aren’t sure why your baby is getting better or worse or what will happen next, you start to think this way. Even the nurses are superstitious – some nurses will not speak the word “home” and only spell it; some won’t say the name of a child who has left in fear it will make him return to the hospital; when we had a run of bad luck a nurse even suggested we see if we could get moved to another pod to get away from our “bad juju”.

We have really wanted to post an update about how well Benjamin has been doing lately, but there is a real fear that we will jinx it. I mean last time we posted about Ben being off CPAP for a long stretch, they put him back on 15 minutes after the post went live.

So in an effort to update everyone without angering the gods I will first make this statement: “At any moment everything may change. By sharing the current positive state of affairs we are in no way exhibiting hubris. There is nothing to see here – please move along.”

Ok – so now that that’s out of the way…

Happy 6 months (actual) and 2 months (corrected) Benjamin! He has made a ton of progress in the past week. Ben has been off of CPAP for over 10 days and is doing well. He is also doing fantastic with his feeding. They changed him to every 4 hours instead of 3 (increasing the amount to 90ml and giving him more time to rest in between meals) and today they took out his feeding tube since he has gotten more than enough from a bottle today (again – this could change, but so far so good). And he is now 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Huge!


"Just biding my time until I can unleash this cuteness on the world"

In other news, they are moving his crib across the aisle to his own little room to make room for new triplets that are taking over his old pod – so anyone coming to visit, don’t be surprised if Ben isn’t in his regular (and supposedly bad-ju-ju) corner.

In not so great news, the infectious disease doctors decided that they want Benjamin to stay on his anti-fungal IV drug until the 31st of August (two weeks later than we had hoped). This means the earliest he could come home is the first week of September. Although after six months of this, a few more weeks is small potatoes.

And now for some bear and baby cuteness from the past six months that Amy put together:


18 thoughts on “Ju-Ju, Good News and So Much Cuteness

  1. I mean, obviously I already love this little boy, but Oh. My. Goodness. Happy 6 Months, Benjamin! Fabulous video, Amy! I’ve been looking for an update, so I am happy to receive one. Not that this was an update. Just a series of words and letters and such, as you said, Joe. All the best. Happy new juju. Love, nicole

  2. that picture is ridiculous…he’s not scared of any juju; look at that laugh and dimples!

  3. I can’t get enough of those dimples!! Keep up the good work little man!

  4. am do glad to read more words. watched the video– i didn’t know they made bears that shrank? ;>

  5. go Ben! He’s just passed Lydia in weight. She was in last week for her 6 month visit and was 8 lb 10 oz.

  6. Woo-hoo!! (enough said!)

  7. That’s all GREAT news!! August 31st will come quickly. I just LOVE to watch Benjamin and Woods rockin’ with Elvis.

  8. simply wonderful — here’s to not jinxing anything.

  9. Happy 6 months Benjamin! Loved seeing him grow and now tower over woods, very moving! Bad Ju-Ju begone!

    Go Benjamin Go!!!

  10. Woods better watch out, that baby looks strong and fierce!

  11. What’s not to love in this post? I love the video, I love the good news about Benjamin and I love the idea he may be coming home before his high school graduation or early September whichever comes first. 🙂 Thank you for the updates. I can’t wait to meet Benjamin. I pray all the time for your continued strength through this difficult time and for Benjamin’s continued improvement.

  12. I didn’t read anything, I know nothing and I’m secretly jumping up and down 🙂
    Hooray Benjamin….6 months and stronger than ever!!!

  13. no bad ju-ju – just so much cuteness! Love you all!

  14. Yeah, Benjamin!! Happy 6 months!

  15. Soooo much cuteness!! You look wonderful Benjamin keep up the good work. Your friends in Lancaster are praying for you!

  16. So great to read such good news! I do not believe in jinxing–this will rub off on you by way of this post. Happy 6 months–and LOVE the dimples!

  17. Happy six months Benjamin! I’m only sending good vibes!

    Susan H.

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