Attempting to put our money where our mouths are

The other day we asked everyone to try to give blood and when we searched for nearby blood drives ourselves we found out the Mets were hosting a blood drive at Citifield, which is a short distance from our home. So bright and early this morning, before going to the hospital, Amy and I headed over there to do our part.


Meet the Mets, give some blood

Now, to be honest, I really hate giving blood. The phlebotomists always need to poke me and then dig around with the needle under my skin until they hit gold — not a pleasant experience. But I was doing this to give back after all the blood that Benjamin received, so I was willing to put up with a little pain.

The set up at the ballpark was impressive – it seemed like a triage center and was already busy after only being open for 15 minutes. Amy and I separated and answered the questions to make sure we hadn’t traded money or drugs for sex, caught malaria or ate a lot of British beef in the early 90’s.

Red Cross at the Caesars Club

I warned the Red Cross staff member taking my blood that I was going to be a tough case. She seemed up for it and after some semi-painful poking got some blood flowing into the bag.


Grit your teeth and think of Benjamin

But then after a bit, more and more nurses kept looking at my hook-up and bag and started poking me again. Eventually I learned I actually have no blood – that I’m a robot or something. Either that or I just have very small veins, veins that got smaller after they made me bruise up. The nurse actually told me “You probably shouldn’t give blood.” The half a unit they got out of me was not usable, unfortunately.

Luckily Amy was able to donate, so the trip wasn’t wasted – although it wasn’t all fun for her either. She didn’t feel so great half-way through and then they didn’t want her to leave “until her color improved.” Amy then had to explain that she is always that color.


Hooray for Amy!

The Mets gave out goodies that helped to soothe my disappointment – we each got a pair of tickets to an upcoming game, t-shirts and we were entered into a few raffles (even those of us who failed).

Any way – two things: 1. I need someone to give blood as my proxy, pretty much for the rest of my life 2. Everyone else at the blood drive seemed to get through it pretty smoothly, so I think we’re the exception.

So, please go and donate blood!

Ok – one last confession… the real reason we went was to meet Mr Met, because come on, this is exactly the sort of thing he would be at, miming things and getting photos taken with people. No luck though… I bet he probably can’t give blood either, on account of looking so pale all the time.


10 thoughts on “Attempting to put our money where our mouths are

  1. Amy’s color story made me laugh. Wishing you guys the very best – and sending strength and happy thoughts your way for wonderful homecoming very soon!!

  2. I usually give double reds so i think I might qualify to be your proxy! That’s an awesome thing you guys did. I donate all the time to give back for Jack. We should host a blues brothers blood drive!

    • Vic
      Double reds, nice! Although for me it would be a bruise brothers blood drive. You should see my arm. It looks like I have a terrible disease 🙂

  3. Awesome! I have a rare blood type so I usually donate (actually once I give once, they start stalking me because the banks are always low on my type), but in the midst of baby-having and the like got out of the habit…. thanks for the reminder. I think I mentioned here is BF America it is hard to even find a place to give, so far I have failed, but I know the student groups have the blood-mobile here all the time during the school year, so I plan to ante up then. Anyway, tell Benjamin thanks for reminding me to get back at it!

  4. Sorry I can’t give,on the count of Malaria, but my friends are helping from upstate in the name of Bejamin, and will continue to do so

  5. oh, amy. I think you look very lively :-). joe – brett regularly gives blood, so he can be your proxy. if he had known about this event, i’m sure he would have gone (unless I made him stay home to clean, that is).

  6. Although what you guys did was a great thing…… There are easier ways to meet Mr. Met! I’ve met him several times without draining my body of blood 🙂 At least it was for Benjamin!

  7. I just gave blood again today for the first time after a 3-years of being not suitable due to travel in malarial countries, pregnancy, and a new tattoo. But I can totes be a proxy. Pretty much every time I go in to give blood, the needle lady says, “Wow! You have beautiful veins,” and gets the needle in with nary a hitch. That said, the bigger blood donation events always make me giggle in a slightly uncomfortable way because I can’t help thinking that they seem more like a vampire food bank than anything else…

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