Hernia Surgery – Achievement Unlocked

Benjamin went down to the operating room yesterday, hopefully for the last time, to repair his inguinal hernia. I am beginning to think that surgeons have no imagination, because every time we speak to them after an operation they always say “It was worse/bigger/more complicated than we thought” This again was the case as they had to fix both sides and of course it was all bigger than they thought. That said, they were able to fix everything and patch him up.

Because it was an involved operation, they ended up giving him general anesthesia and putting him back on the ventilator for the surgery. By a few hours after returning to his pod (a different pod than the other day – they moved us again) he was awake, extubated, and breathing on his own. He has a couple of small incisions but hopefully not much worse for wear.

He was not happy though – he was grumpy he hadn’t eaten and was obviously in some pain. Nothing a little baby-morphine(tm) didn’t fix. Today he is back on full feeds and on the mend.

Now the only thing standing between him and h-o-m-e is finishing his anti-fungals, passing his car seat test, and avoiding infections.

Also – our little monster is now 9 pounds and 13 ounces and 20 inches long. At this rate he will be 300 pounds by Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Hernia Surgery – Achievement Unlocked

  1. LOL @ the last thing you wrote! OMG! I’m glad he is doing so well and growing stronger with each passing day! He’ll be in his Accueil before one even knows it. Way to go Ben! lol I STILL am laughing at that last statement:At this rate he will be 300 pounds by Christmas.
    don’t think so! But hey IF he is he’ll make a cute Santa! lol

  2. This is carols friend Jess again. I hadn’t looked at the blog in a while and it’s SOOO amazing to see him progressing. I can’t believe he is 9 lbs!!! THAT’S AMAZING!!!! Keep up the good work Ben! I’m also cracking up about him being 300 lbs by Christmas! You guys are AMAZING parents! Ben is VERY blessed to have such loving and devoted parents!! Keep staying strong and positive!!

  3. Yeah, this is all wonderful news. Looking like h-o-m-e may soon be in sight. Yeah for all three of you. Take care.

  4. High five Benjamin! 9 times as big as the last time I saw you 🙂 Love to you all!

  5. Joe and Amy – Ben is officially bigger than Christopher – and it warms my heart to write that!! GO BEN!!!!

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