Disappointing Eye Update

The eye surgeon came back to check in on Benjamin’s progress this week and the news was not good. The steps forward made from his last exam seem to have evaporated, at least in his left eye. The retina in that eye is closing up again. If it closes completely he will have no vision in that eye. There is a chance it could soften up and reopen, but it is slim.

The right eye had blood in it again. This kept the doctor from seeing the retina at all, so we are not sure what the situation is there. It could be still reattaching, or it could have started closing up too. But the bleeding itself is not a good sign. It could mean more scarring, which would lead to detachment.

The surgeon doesn’t think there is anything else he can do at this point if there is no more progress. Another surgery could be an option – but not for a year or two.

In spite of the bad news, we are not going to let it bring us down. Ben is going to be Ben. And Ben is going to be made up of a million facets and being upset about any part of what that means isn’t fair to him or us.

(That said, we also wouldn’t complain if some miracle happened and his eyes were repaired)


10 thoughts on “Disappointing Eye Update

  1. We are not losing hope for Ben’s eyes, but as you so perfectly say, Ben will be Ben. And that will be awesome by itself. We love Ben.

  2. There have already been a lot of miracles worked out through Ben’s life- I’ll be praying for a few more!

  3. Ben is a special little boy. He has made such progress. He is very lucky to have two wonderful parents.

  4. Benjamin, himself, is a miracle. So don’t lose hope that there could be another one on the horizon.

  5. Fear not! Babies with ROP tend to surprise us and eye docs alike. My daughter has ROP stage V and yet she has light perception and actually “sees” enough to get crawl around without bumping into things. Miracles are out there, just believe.

  6. Just popping in to let you know I’m thinking about you guys. Thank you, Benjamin, for my Birthday wish from Kyle! It made me smile, smile, smile 🙂

  7. Amy and Joe, you both have such a wonderful outlook on life! I hope Ben continues to beat the odds, as he has so far. We are sending along our best wishes for Ben, who will undoubtedly grow up to be an amazing person because of you both. Thanks for keeping us updated and inspired!

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