Joe and I got our mothers to scrounge up some old photos of us as babies. On the left is me at 3 months old, and on the right is Joe at 3 months old. It’s pretty easy to see that Benjamin gets some of his good looks from both of us, but the cheeks are all Joe!

Family Resemblance


9 thoughts on “Genetics

  1. Joe hasn’t changed a bit!

  2. I have to say those are three exceptional babies!

  3. Awww love it! But Amy you just helped me see what I have been noticing…that he looks like you! BUT it helps seeing baby pics so yup he has both of his parents…omg he is getting cuter by each day!

  4. Somebody else was also a boombalatti…. (and it wasn’t Amy).

  5. I think he looks more like me in my/his earlier photos, but 3 months was the youngest I had of Joe, so I figured I’d be fair 😉

  6. Awwww Amy tha is sooooo cute!!!!

  7. Seriously, you and Joe still look the same! It’s hysterical! And baby Ben is a perfect ‘mash up’ of you cuties. 🙂

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