200 days later…

It’s been a busy week for Mr Benjamin. He decided he didn’t want to eat anymore (we’ve convinced him otherwise). He got a slew of tests – hearing test (passed!), a voiding cystourethrogram or VCUG (no vesicoureteral reflux – which means they can discontinue his amoxicillin!), a bone scan (bones are looking good!), urine culture (all clear!), and a renal ultrasound (ok, on this one they might see something, but they aren’t sure what).

That’s right – they did the hearing test already… “But wait, I thought they waited on the hearing test until right before he goes h-” Don’t say it! Ben is so close and the test are all part of the last things they have to do at the hospital before… well, you know.

All this is just in time – Benjamin is over 10 pounds now(!) and today is day 200 of being in the NICU. We’re hoping that he won’t have to stay much longer at the hospital after his IV anti-fungal drug is finished on the 31st. They may need to watch him for a few days after they switch to an oral drug. And, of course, anything can happen between now and then…

To celebrate, Benjamin would like to show you how much he loves his toys.


11 thoughts on “200 days later…

  1. I can’t believe how chunky and healthy he looks! Way to go Ben!!!! You’ll be, well, outta there soon 🙂

  2. What a GREAT grip he’s got on those keys! I love it! Go, Ben,Go!! Playing is way more fun than not playing 🙂

  3. You go Ben, you cutie-pie!!!

  4. 10 lbs! Does that mean you have had to switch him up to the next size clothes? I always get a little sad when that happens…. I mean excited for both fashion and good health reasons… but also sad to say bye bye to the little bitty baby clothes…. Go Ben!

    • He’s pretty firmly out of newborn sizes and right in 0-3. He’s wearing a newborn outfit today though, so I’m happy because it’s my favorite! (frog butt)

  5. Do I see a double chin? OMG! I see pics BUT seeing him in videos I don’t know like it’s more real lol you get to see him chunky and moving around! Wow I know ya can’t when he goes to the place we can not speak of lol Looking awesome Ben!

  6. It’s GREAT to see him so active. Go ben go!!! I love you.

  7. Lol! this is great, definately need more videos:) I cant believe how much he has grown! 10 lbs already, that is amazing! He is a living miracle! Every time I read one of your updates I am brought to tears. What a beautiful reminder of God’s work:) Counting down the days with you.
    Laurie, Nick, Mason and Caden

  8. 10 pounds….he’s keeps growing so fast. Hooray for double digits.

  9. Love this news and how he wiggles with those keys!

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