Countdown to launch

Thursday night (tomorrow, or today depending on when I post this and when you read this) we are scheduled to get the Launch Pad.

The Launch Pad is where you spend the night in the hospital with your baby, without any monitors or nurses or help (except for a big button to call the nurses if you need it) so you can get used to being on your own before you are tossed into the scary non-NICU world alone.

You get the Launch Pad the night before you leave.

That’s right – we are scheduled to go home on Friday.

I am terrified to say it – and won’t really believe it until we are walking out the door with him, praying that a doctor won’t yell after us “Actually that last culture was positive” or “On second thought, we have a few more tests to run – we think there is still some money left in your insurance”

The last pieces are in place: Benjamin passed the car seat test, his prescriptions for home are filled, diapers are procured, the apartment is clean, the Car Seat Lady has trained us and installed our seat properly. Tonight Benjamin gets his last IV dose of anti-fungal. And then all there is left is Launch Pad.

It is a little bittersweet. We have been getting emotional just thinking of saying goodbye to all of our favorite nurses. We haven’t had a chance to properly thank half of them and we will miss many of them so much.

It is going to be so amazing to have Benjamin home with us. We’ve been waiting for long for this it doesn’t seem quite real yet. Though I imagine it will seem pretty real when we have a crying infant in our apartment at 2 in the morning.


24 thoughts on “Countdown to launch

  1. What amazing news!!!!!

  2. THIS is the post im super excited to see. The official end to the journey…a baby at home.

  3. Yeah! Way to go! You guys will do amazing 🙂

  4. yes!!!!! we are so, super excited and happy for you. can’t wait to hear the official FINAL go home announcement.

  5. All I can say is YEEEAAAAAA!!!!!! Enjoy that bundle of love and joy. So HAPPY for you, Amy, and Ben. Take care and try to enjoy those 2am feedings. Remember this to shall pass. You will miss it. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but you will.

  6. Everyone is else is yelling yay, and I’d like to as well, but I’m too busy crying tears of happiness for you. So, I”ll just get my coffee all salty now and save the yays for later on. Good luck in the LAUNCH PAD tonight!!!!

  7. What an emotional time! We’re all pulling for you guys!

  8. My heart is racing with excitement for the three of you. We are sure everything will go well and you will be home on Friday. It will be the first day of a very meaningful and wonderful life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all that it will be a life filled with health and happiness. We can’t wait to eventually meet Ben, the hero of the neonatal world.

  9. um why did i not cry at all when you told me this last night but I’m tearing up now? I blame morning. Awesome news guys.

  10. WOW!! I agree with everyone else, racing heart…..tears….salty coffee….and pure, unadulterated JOY!!

    This is truly the post we’ve all been holding our breath, waiting to read! Melinda & I are continuing to send the three of you love, positive thoughts, warm fuzzies & prayers, as well as countless thanks to the amazing staff who have been there around the clock for Benjamin (& you both) throughout this journey. This circle will continue to expand to include the family & friends who will undoubtedly be an incredible support system for you all….& Cayman, we can’t for get the pup, who has most certainly been a source of comfort, joy & comic relief! =)

    Best of luck on the “launching” of Ben to his new “pad!” We’re thrilled for you!!

    Jana (& Melinda)

  11. Hi there – I have been following your blog for quite some time. I am friends with Kajal and Brett and happen to be a nurse practitioner in a NICU in the D.C. area. YAY for you all and coming home brings so many bittersweet emotions. Benjamin is the luckiest little boy because from what I have read and heard he is blessed with some of the most amazing parents! And what a miracle little Benjamin is for all to meet. Don’t worry the NICU staff knows that you appreciate them beyond measure. It’s our job and passion – seeing Benjamin go home in your happy arms is more than enough of a gift! I hope your first weeks at home go well that you are deliriously happy in a good sleep deprived kind of way. And I LOVE the post about being overprotective parents. You are doing the right thing and as parents we have thick skin to stand up for the better of our child and that is what matters the most. You do have to protect his little immune system and it can be done!!

  12. Our prayers have been answered. Praise the Lord. I’m so excited about the news and will be thinking of you often. The begining of a new life. Benjamin is so special and we all love him so much. Happy moving day to you all.

  13. So glad to read this great news. Baby Benjamen is truly a miracle baby who is a blessing and new love affair. A new ruler of the castle.Let the parenting begin. Love K

  14. Wow!! So excited for you. It will surely be a day you will never forget. Hooray for Benjamin and hooray for all of you!

  15. Don’t forget that Nurse Allison is on call 24/7. Just ask Jamie and Andrew! Can’t wait to see Benjamin. You’ll have to let me know when the line to see him dies down. Or I could stop in on my way home from work Sunday morning????

    • It’s true… nurse Allison to the rescue! Any time day or night- she’s there for us and I know will be there for baby Ben too! Good luck and Have fun! 🙂

  16. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! So excited!!!!!! Wish I could come deliver casseroles like one usually does when a baby comes home…. but for now…. weeeeee! (this is me bouncing up and down in my office chair).

  17. I am so happy to hear your wonderful news! I dont know you, however, we have a mutual friend, Jana D (and Melinda F) . Iam sorry you have had to go thru such a sad time with your son, however, sounds like things are looking up for you and your family. Before you know it this will be behind you and all your fears about having a premie will be gone, you will have a cute little happy healthy boy!! : ) God Bless you and your family!! Please give the little peanut hugs for me!!

  18. Oh My Goodness! That is AMAZING!! We are so happy and excited for you. It almost seems unreal that the saga ofthe last nearly 7 months is finally giving way to the next great adventure. WOW. Tomorrow! I have no words. Walking out the door after just one week in the NICU was wonderful and terrifying and just amazing. And that first night waking up with another little person in the apartment. And the first nap together in your own favorite chair…You guys have been waiting so long for this, and we are SO SO HAPPY!

  19. Amy! Joseph! Benjamin! What a happy, happy update!! We are so thrilled for you all & super excited for you, too. Please keep the updates coming and know that we are sending a TON of LOVE, great thoughts, and continued prayers your way 🙂 What a glorious time indeed ❤

  20. Amy and Joe, I am so excited to hear that Mr Benjamin is going to be going home with you guys!!! He’s come such a long way from the little peanut I took care of at WBH. Best wishes!

  21. Congratulations to all of you. You will do great tonight I have no doubt. How exciting is this 2 babies in our family come home in the same week. You have waited so long and it will be wonderful, Cayman will be so protective of Ben.

    Can’t wait to hear all the details of the homecoming. Take video lots of video. Love you all.

  22. The best launch news I’ve ever heard!! All the best!!

  23. How happy I am to hear this news!!!!! Happy, happy, launch, launch . . .

    Amy, I prefer count down to launch MUCH more than count down to drift-off ;-).

    Love to you all!

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