A Boy and his Dog

Before Benjamin came home a lot of people wondered how our dog, Cayman, would handle having competition for our affection.  First – we’ll share something we call “When Cayman met Benjamin”:

As you can see, Cayman was very excited to meet Ben – but Benjamin wasn’t as sure at first.

Luckily – they are becoming fast friends already. Cayman has been super protective of Benjamin and makes sure he can always see him and if he hears Ben make the smallest peep, he comes over and makes sure everything is ok. Once the coast is clear he takes position on the floor in front of him. Cayman takes his job very seriously.

Cayman guards over tummy time

In other news, our first night home went well, with everyone sleeping most of the night. The rest of our first day was pretty calm – a bit of a struggle to feed Benjamin sometimes, but other than that a good day. The four of us went for a nice walk around the neighborhood, staying clear of germy kids and handsy-grandma types.

Proud momma ventures out


14 thoughts on “A Boy and his Dog

  1. The entire family looks so happy! Cayman looks so proud of his new duty as nanny and Ben looks like he feels so secure to be surrounded by all this love. We are so happy for you all! By the way, Amy, Cayman looks exactly like Bambi–do you remember her?

  2. FANTASTIC! Benjamin’s reaction to Cayman felt reminiscent of those first few photos with his teddy bear in his little pod. I love it. I’m sure Cayman will be an excellent bodyguard to Benjamin. Glad your first night home went well! How exciting it all is!! xoxo

  3. Like the video. love the pic of Cayman next to Ben and nice seeing Amy getting to stroll around with her baby. AWESOME!
    I love them videos MORE plz ….lol when ya can that is!

  4. Sooooooooooooooooo Happy for you all he is gorgeous & from experience when Elliot was born 15 years ago we had a border collie & an Irish wolfhound who constantly sat either side of his carriage in the garden & it did not matter who came into the house and went to him they both stood as if to say don’t even go there Greg & I were the only 2 people allowed to pick him up & hand him to people but no one was allowed to go near that carriage. Like you said DUTY & boy they loved that kid so Benjamin will be safe with Cayman.

    Take Care we are so happy to have shared your journey and boy it was a roller coaster enjoy every second & p.s the poking thing when he is asleep never stops so again just to let you know it will be approx 8 years before you ever get a full nights sleep, welcome to the most wonderful time of your life & the best job you will ever have.

    Congrats Angie & Greg xx

  5. Cayman is basically the Dilan Below of dogs.

  6. Now that we’re both crying…..lol
    We LOVE the video (& the music selection, btw!! =) Cayman is AWESOME & clearly takes his “Big Brother” job VERY seriously! =D

  7. Can always count on your lovely pack of four to bring waterworks of joy to my eyes. So touching and beautiful!!

  8. That’s adorable. It’s nice to know SOME dogs in this world like their siblings (eh-hem, Lola). And it’s so wonderful to see you holding Ben on your OWN couch! At home! Yay!!!

  9. So happy for all of you!!! Love the pics of Cayman with Benjamin, and Amy pushing Ben around in a stroller. Benjamin is so blessed to have wonderful parents like you!

  10. I am so thrilled to see you guys at home in your photos! This is such amazing news! Now just wait til Ben learns to pull Cayman’s ears. My girls torture our Boston Terrier and she just sits there and takes it. She used to guard them the same way Cayman is now. Cricket used to sleep under their bassinet and at the foot of the crib. Dogs are amazing with children. They take care of the pack. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Hope all is still going well!! I was at my old roommie’s house the other night – she just had a baby girl. She has 3 dogs in her house and I shared the story of Cayman meeting Benjamin. Her dogs were also very sweet in their concern for the newly arrived Isla ❤ They all send their best – even if they don't know you guys. ❤ 🙂

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