We had an appointment with a gastroenterologist today to get some insight into Ben’s reflux. His pediatrician recommended a doctor who coincidentally is at CHONY, so we made a quick visit up to the NICU and got to see a few of our favorite nurses (We’ll be back on Thursday if we missed you!). We also ran into another NICU graduate, Rebecca, who looked wonderful!

Anyway, the gastroenterologist we were there to see was a bit old-school and gruff. He wasn’t surprised by the reflux and expected it to clear up around the time Ben is pulling himself up to stand (the esophagus muscles develop stronger around the same time the trunk does). He was not touchy-feely and didn’t even crack a smile during our appointment. But then towards the end he said something – “You know – that child is a miracle. When I first became a doctor, there was no way a 23-week baby would survive. But here you are holding your son. He has a hard road ahead of him, but here he is.”

I’m not sure if this was his way of putting the relatively minor issue of reflux in perspective, but it reminded us of everything it took to get here.

If you look back at these posts most of them are positive, optimistic and funny (or at least trying to be). But there were so many nights and days when we didn’t think Benjamin would make it. I mean, thinking back at the night when Carol’s water broke at 19 weeks and the doctors just gave us a 2% chance to reach viability, we really only had a miracle to hope for.

So thanks grumpy old doctor for reminding us. (For the record Amy thought he was perfectly nice).



3 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. The funny thing about Grumpy Old Men is that they are usually pretty honest. If you told him he made your blog, he’d probably think you were blaming him for some kind of blockage. I like it. Way to make the old man think, Ben. ❤

  2. LOL @ ur ending of this post. Yes for sure he is a miracle baby! And for that alone makes him so very special, he may have some rough roads to cross BUT with you both by his side and with his “tough I can make it through anything” approach Ben will be FINE! I enjoy these post and pics and videos and look forward to knowing what new adventure lies before Mr Benjamin; because Ben just LOVES proving docs wrong and I’m sure the docs are HAPPY he has!

  3. Miracles do happen and I can’t think of a more wonderful one than Ben! He is definitely worth all the tears and all the sleepless nights.

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